Road to Killington: Rose Wetzel (Video)

Rose Wetzel only joined the Spartan scene in late 2013, but don't let that fool you. Already, she's trekking through the mud at the front of the pack and considered a big contender to bring home the 2014 World Championship title. In her Road to Killington video, Rose shares how she's been training for her first World Championships.

Best Spartan Race memory?

The Malibu Sprint last year rocked. It was my third Spartan race, and I raced in a Wonder Woman costume for the first time (and won!). People cheered “Go, Wonder Woman!” throughout the entire race, and a race volunteer approached me after to say, “I was so excited that I got to radio in that, ‘Wonder Woman is in the lead!’” Later that day, my husband, Tim and I got to hang out with the whole Spartan crew and watch the Spartan World Championship on TV – talk about inspiring!

Workout regimen?

I run 6-7 days a week, always making sure I vary distances and intensities. Then, I strength train 4-5 days a week, and get in obstacle-specific work – like the sandbag carry and rope climb – 3 days a week.

Most difficult workout you’ve ever done?

4 hour run/power hike up a steep mountain, getting faster each hour, and adding in 10-20 minutes of heavy sandbag carries, heavy bucket carries, and tractor pulls

Favorite Spartan obstacle?

Water slide

Least favorite Spartan obstacle?

Tractor pull

Top three pump up songs?

“Dreams” by Brandi Carlile, “My Body” by Young the Giant, and “Have a Little Faith in Me” by Jewel

Top three fuel foods?

Spinach, chia seeds, sweet potatoes

Go-to breakfast the morning of a Spartan race?

Oatmeal with fruit and nuts

Go-to dinner the night before a Spartan race?

Thai food (Pad Se Ewe with chicken)

Guilty pleasure food?

Ice cream (I eat it without guilt, though!)

Favorite place to run?

Green Lake – a beautiful 3-mile lake in Seattle with a hilly, wooded area nearby

Sports you played in high school & college?

High School: soccer, track, and cross country

College: track, indoor track, and cross country

Spartan Race lucky charm?

A close friend of mine, Carly, sent me a Rose Gold necklace with an “R” on it, along with a note saying “No matter whether a gold necklace goes around your neck at the World Championship, remember you win Rose Gold everyday!”

Favorite way to unwind?

With my feet up on the couch, snuggled up to a good comedy movie with my husband, Tim

Favorite quote?

“Seize the day!”

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