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Style / January 2020
Isadora Baum, Reebok Contributor

How to Rock a Sports Bra (Without Ever Hitting the Gym)

Wearing your workout top to the office (or anywhere else) is totally on trend. Here’s how to pull off the look.

The crossover between studio and street style is big right now: More and more women are putting their own spin on the athleisure look by wearing yoga leggings and track jackets to work or for weekend plans. The newest addition to the trend: Sports bras that add a pop of personality and edge while also being super comfortable when mixed with traditional work wear.
It’s cool to be on trend, naturally, but it’s also a pretty practical way to grow your wardrobe: When you’re no longer divvying up looks into gym versus real life, you suddenly have twice the styles to pull from when you get dressed in the morning.
How the outfit is put together is key. A sports bra with leggings is made for a fitness studio. A sports bra with a skirt? So not office-appropriate. But a sports bra under a blazer is total boss. Check out these six ways to style a sports bra as part of your everyday look. 

1. Underwear as Outerwear 

Sports bras come in so many funky prints, patterns and bright colors, making them natural accents to make an outfit pop. Layer one on top of a slim-fitting shirt to create a flattering, sleek silhouette. Choose a long-sleeve top to keep the look office-appropriate.
Top tip: For maximum effect, choose black, beige, or navy blue as a base layer, then accent it with a colorful sports bra.

2. Beneath a Blazer

Pair street style with professionalism by wearing a sports bra underneath your work blazer. Contrasting colors work best: If the jacket is navy, mix it up with an orange or yellow sports bra. Brightly colored blazer? Tone things down with a darker underpinning. Bonus points for bras with big logos—it’s the ultimate mash-up of urban and urbane. 
Top tip: To pull this look off in corporate culture, choose a sports bra with more coverage. And keep the blazer buttoned if the boss is in your office. (Unless, of course, you are the boss, in which case feel free to button or not!) Sometimes, less flash is more.

3. Over a Sheer Top 

Big colors and patterns don’t just belong in the gym. Pair a richly hued or bold sports bra with a sheer black or white blouse, letting the bra stand out. Add jeans and heels to complete the ‘80s-inspired outfit. 
Top tip: Tie the look together by matching your sports bra with a bold-color manicure, then adding similarly hued sneakers.

4. Double the Effect

Twice the style, twice the support. When it’s tough to choose which sports bra to wear (they’re all on trend, right?), consider going with two at once. The statement look works best with bras that provide similar coverage but have contrasting strap and neck details. Try it with a cool racerback style worn over a sexier, strappy piece
Top tip: This is a lot of look, so don’t go crazy with the colors. If the top piece is patterned, stick with solid underneath. 

5. Get Waisted 

High-waist jeans are trending right now, and they look badass when paired with a midriff-baring top. Throw on a tank-style sports bra, then finish the outfit with a cropped jacket. 
Top tip: Heels add height and take things up a notch for a night out. To create that easy weekend look, slip on a pair of low-tops or classic sneakers

6. Under a Jumpsuit. 

Sports bras are the perfect solution to throw under jumpsuits or slipdresses that show just a bit too much skin. As a bonus, they also keep feminine designs from feeling too frilly by adding a cool, sporty edge. Choose a sports bra in the same color family as the dress or jumpsuit itself or give things a playful twist by wearing a bra with contrasting trim for a fun accent.
Top tip: For a more casual, downtown vibe, pair the dress with white sneakers. If you want to elevate the whole outfit, try strappy sandals.
Worried your old faded sports bras aren’t quite up to the task? Not to worry, we’ve got a whole collection of new styles for you to choose from

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Style / January 2020
Isadora Baum, Reebok Contributor