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Style / January 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor

8 Elevated Ways To Wear Leggings As Pants

Breaking all the fashion rules, leggings-as-pants is a thing right now. Here’s how to turn your workout staple into the centerpiece of your daily wardrobe.

Ask any fashion editor and she’ll admit that while staying on trend is the guiding force behind her closet choices, so is comfort and versatility. No one wants to be dressed like a rock star if it means you can barely breathe and definitely can’t move. The secret to satisfying all your style needs: Leggings. Sleek, sexy, stretchy, versatile—there isn’t much more you can ask for in a single item of clothing.
The beauty of leggings lies in their wham, bam, dressed-I-am appeal. Pull them on and you’re good to go, as long as you know how to you style them. Here’s help.
1. Top With Leather 
Nothing says “street-wise and fashion-conscious” like a black leather biker jacket. When styled with a pair of luxe leggings in either a solid, pared-down color or a monochromatic statement print, you have a winning formula for any occasion. For day or downtime, keep things low-key with a pair of white sneakers; for night, you can add sophistication with kitten heels or go total badass with combat boots. 
2. Work the Office Angle 
Leggings as workwear is all about the presentation. To keep thing professional, lean into a muted palette: Choose black, grey or tan and avoid graphic patterns that feel like a better fit for the gym.  Top your pants with an oversized button-down, then add a tailored blazer, and slip into some brogues, loafers, or pumps. Whatever you wear, just remember that the key to making leggings work at your 9-5 is coverage. Aim for long layers that camouflage your behind.
3. Experiment with Proportion
Make the most of the streamlined leggings silhouette by pairing them with a contrasting large and chunky top, like an oversized sweater. The great thing about building your look around performance tights is that you’re starting from a point of supreme comfort. Bring a little bit of oomph in with over-the-knee boots. 
4. Go Formal
Challenging the outdated notion that leggings have no place as eveningwear, it’s time to meet the metallic finish. Subtle sheen says formal in a very modern way: Pair yours with a black velvet tuxedo jacket and a simple white silk cami, then accessorize with layered necklaces, a statement micro bag and some major heels. 
5. Extend the Season
Dresses can be sweet, but worn over leggings they take on a tougher, indie-rock look. On top of that, they also make your entire wardrobe work harder by allowing you to wear summer and fall styles deeper into cold-weather season. Match your more statement dresses with neutral leggings. If you’ve got something basic on top, dare to consider a bright, eye-catching color below (and then test your mettle with an even bolder shoe).
6. Commit to One Tone
Head-to-toe in one color sounds a little scary, but the runways are awash with monochromatic tones this season. Get in on the trend by working a pair of solid-hued leggings with a complementary colored top. Think pinks and greens, as in Victoria Beckham’s collection, or camel, grey or even off-white, then just add a turtleneck sweater layered under a matching jacket or blazer. Extra points if your pumps or sneakers are in the same color family.
7. Get Loud 
Urban is the new urbane, and nothing says elevated more than a bold mix of confident, clashing textures. Experiment with your leggings, choosing sheer panels and metallic finishes, then pair them with contrasting textures in your tops and jackets such as velvet, leather, and silk.
8. Build a “Jumpsuit”
Play to the form-fitting strengths of your leggings by combining them with the same color bodysuit for a super-chic jumpsuit effect. Accessorize with a wide belt then pair with a long vest, gilet or a statement jacket. For a bolder approach, team statement leggings with a printed, velvet or off-the-shoulder bodysuit.
Get ready to live your best leggings life with a style and vibe to suit every occasion.

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Style / January 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor