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Training / March 2020
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial

This Is What it Looks Like When Real Women Work Out

In honor of International Women’s Day, Reebok is celebrating the beauty and strength of women who sweat it out.

Time in the gym can be therapy, and with that comes emotion: pain, pride, and everything in between. Working out is one of the few times when you’re not worried about how you look or what people are thinking. All you’re thinking about is you; what you want, what you’re capable of, and what you need.
In honor of International Women’s Day, Reebok decided to honor those moments of feminine power. Through a series of photographs, we’re portraying women in an often-unseen light: when they’re in the gym gutting out a few more reps, sweat dripping down their forehead, and feeling proud and unstoppable. 
Reebok has a legacy of giving women a platform in the fitness world. In the last forty years, Reebok has empowered women not only to sweat but to be seen and heard. Back in the ‘80s Reebok was the first brand to create a fitness shoe specifically for women before the competition ever considered it. This shoe finally gave women permission to exercise in a way society hadn’t before—thanks to Reebok, women had the tools to exercise not just to look good, but to feel good and be strong, too. From there, there were campaigns in the ‘90s that played off of marriage vows and the Declaration of Independence encouraging women to believe in themselves, to now, with the most recent revamp of the campaign It’s A Man’s World
Then and now, Reebok gives women a voice to create change and believes that fitness can change lives. There’s strength, grit, and tenacity all the way from that peak moment where you think you can’t go on to the relief you feel seconds after you finish. Read on for the inspiration.
“Our bodies evolved to be capable of all this amazing work we rarely get to do, and I love feeling like an animal (truly!) when I exercise. Even when I’m lifting a hundred pounds less than the person next to me, I know we are both putting in the same effort. That makes me feel strong and badass and proud: proud of myself, proud of the person next to me, and proud of the space created for these moments.”-Glynna Kerr
“I feel part of an unstoppable force called women. I feel capable. I feel visible. I feel relentless. I also definitely felt hungry in that moment.”-Ky Martin, Reebok Employee
“Embrace the struggle. Every second of the workout. The frustration, the sweat, all of it. We aren’t perfect, it isn’t supposed to be easy. But if we keep showing up and putting in the work, we will come out of it feeling a whole lot better and a whole lot stronger.”-Alyssa Deady, Reebok Employee
“Tough training is where I can go into a really bad place. But, hurting for a few seconds to feel amazing all day is worth it.” -Natasha McInnis, Reebok Employee 
“Growing up, I was always stick skinny and knobby-kneed. Through my fitness journey, not only have I found a physical strength that I didn’t know I had, but I’ve found a mental toughness to go with it. Getting buried under a bar like this, but knowing my strength will get me through it is the same as in life. Shit may try to bury me, but I will always stand up and finish what I set out to do.”-Danielle Coderre, Reebok Employee
“This day in particular I couldn’t get to the top of my work inbox, and even though I had blocked myself for an hour to go to the gym, I felt guilty leaving my desk. At the moment this picture was taken I was feeling grateful to myself for taking the time to attend a yoga class and reflect on the day. I cleared my mind and afterwards I was able to prioritize and get to work.” -Giselle Desatnik, Reebok Employee
“I’m actually enjoying this a lot more than it looks or I’ll ever admit. That’s the thing about training, it hurts and sucks but that’s how you get better. Don’t be scared to suck at something new, you’re good enough to try and don’t forget that.” -Cydnee Brook, Reebok Employee
“I hate every minute of this but don’t quit.”-Mimi Devoy, Reebok Employee


“I used to be certain it was all about the way I looked but now I’m certain it’s more about how I feel. And working hard feels good in the gym, at work, and in life.”-Arianna Hurst, Reebok Employee
“Bounce & Barre has helped me recover from ACL surgery and gave me the confidence to not only test my mental strength but to help me believe in my body’s capability to ‘bounce’ back to pre-surgery athletic stamina.”-Lindsay Sheffield, Reebok Employee
“I actually remember this workout really clearly because I felt horrible during and after it! Every progression forward, I was literally calculating in my head how much of the workout I had completed. For example I would talk to myself and say, ‘Alright halfway done, now pick up the pace’ and ‘Just keep moving.’ I think there is an honesty to someone in how they look mid-workout, when they’re focusing solely on the task in front of them. You can’t look cute and push yourself!” -Lauren Vance, Reebok Employee
“I’m happy that I did the workout and thankful that it was over, that’s usually how I feel after doing CrossFit workouts. It’s always worth the sweat/suffering when you feel accomplished afterwards. For this particular workout I was laughing when it was over because of how much weight we actually added to the sleds. It was quite impressive that we each got through 4 rounds of it.”-Purvi Patel, Reebok Employee
These women put their full hearts into fitness and serve as encouragement to each other. Working out allows them to push through the tough days and the injuries, reminding them how strong their bodies truly are. It doesn’t always have to be about how much weight you lifted, it’s about making the time to be proud of what you’ve done and the feeling it gives you. These images of real moments are a reminder of the struggles that are always worth it.
Training / March 2020
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial