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Running / July 2021
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial

Favorite Running Spots Around the World

Global running crew Midnight Runners share their favorite running routes to inspire your next running adventure.

People take up running for a lot of reasons. Typically, people run to get in shape, others use it as a mental escape, and some just lace up to enjoy the views. Exercise becomes a lot more enjoyable when you can do it in a place that makes you feel energized. Whether you’re pounding the pavement along the water at sunset or catching the early morning sunlight to kick up dirt on the trails, ambiance is key. 
To keep your running routes from becoming monotonous, you have to be open to discovering new areas. While enjoying the scenery, don’t forget about the sneakers that help you log those miles. Released today, Reebok’s Floatride Energy 3 Adventure is built for exploring and easily transitions from the road to trail. The sneaker has a reinforced toe and heel for durability and water protection and a recycled plastic mesh for breathability, so you’ll be covered no matter the terrain or weather. 
As the world opens back up, so do the options of where you can escape on your runs. A little switch up may be just what you need to reconnect with yourself and your environment. The global running crew Midnight Runners are experts on the best spots to run all over the world, and they’ve pulled together some of their favorites to keep us inspired. While you’re sweating it out and improving your stride it helps to have something nice to look at.
If you’re planning to travel soon or just looking to break up the routine, these spots are sure to deliver motivation for your next adventure.

Dani Konrad


Boston, MA
Social: @danimk4
Favorite Running Spot: Emerald Necklace to Arnold Arboretum
Running the Emerald Necklace to Arnold Arboretum gives me a sense of being outside the city without having to drive outside of Boston. Back Bay Fens, Riverway, Olmstead Park, Jamaica Pond and the Arboretum flow together and offer both paved and pathed options along the way; there are even areas where you can veer off course to have a more trail-like experience. It is an awesome way to enjoy Boston’s changing foliage in each season. The elevation changes can be more challenging than a lot of Boston’s popular running routes, so it is always a great workout.  Finally, the summits of Bussey Hill and Peters Hill overlooking Boston are a treat and offer a chance to take a break and feel proud of your run.

Nilam Patel


New York City, NY
Social: @nilam94
Favorite Running Spot: Central Park
Central Park is the runner’s haven in New York City, and while overall it is no hidden gem, it still provides a scenic nature escape from typical hustle of the busy streets of the city life. The Bridle Path around the Reservoir is a stunning route for sunrise and sunset views of the skyline across glistening water, and the wooded trail of the North Woods takes me back to the nostalgia of trail-running at home while running cross-country. No matter what time of year, you can always count on seeing the park full of runners, bikers, tourists, and locals getting their dose of the magic Central Park has to offer. It is no surprise to me that I found myself tethered to proximity to Central Park when picking where I wanted to live over the decade of being in NYC.

Brian Hsu


Los Angeles, CA
Social: @brian_hsu32
Favorite Running Spot: Palisades Park
Palisades Park is my favorite place to run because it offers breathtaking panoramic views of Santa Monica Bay just slightly above sea level. The park also runs parallel to the pacific ocean coast so it makes it easy to split the route at any point and run to the ocean side for a quick sea breeze. Also, I love that I get to see many fitness communities with different fitness goals along the way. It motivates me! 

Michelle Welling


London, UK
Social: @runtimechelle
Favorite Running Spot: Regent’s Canal
Regent’s Canal is a great route for so many reasons. For one, it connects so many different areas of London which makes the route varied and enjoyable. When out on the canal I can run by some of London’s most beautiful green spaces at Little Venice and Regent’s Park, through what feels like true hidden gems of the city out by Victoria Park and the Limehouse Basin. It’s convenient to extend/shorten the route depending on what my aim is that day – and it’s flat, which is usually a plus for me! And in the Spring, there are lots of adorable ducklings and goslings out paddling away with their feathered families. All-in-all a gorgeous place to go running; it’s got all the perks of urban running with lots of greenery to enjoy along the way. 

Gabo Hernandez


Toronto, CA
Favorite Running Spot: Toronto’s Waterfront 
Toronto’s waterfront is one of my favorite areas of the city. It’s amazing to run around the water, enjoying the stunning views of Lake Ontario, on one side and the gorgeous sites of the city on the other. It’s indeed a super vibrant area especially during the summertime with an undeniable energy, loved by tourists and locals with lots of parks and green areas along the trail, perfect for stopping to stretch or exercise.

Olivia Taylor


Berlin, Germany
Social: @livytaylorr
Favorite Running Spot: Humboldthain Park
Humboldthain feels like a hidden gem in Berlin - it has a way about transporting you into a storybook forest but with more flair. I love being surrounded by the tall trees and lush forestry in the middle of Berlin’s vibrant Wedding neighborhood. Whereas most of the city is quite flat, here I can find small hills to run up - like the Flak tower viewpoint.  On warm sunny summer days, it’s not uncommon to catch an impromptu DJ set in one of the many private nooks which means I usually have some tempting post-run activities as well! 

Tien Ho


Paris, France
Social: @tantien_ho
Favorite Running Spot: Basilica of the Sacré Cœur
The Basilica of the Sacré Cœur is located at the summit of the hill of Montmarte, Paris. To reach the Basilica one must climb 270 steps, from the top of which there is a magnificent panoramic view of Paris including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, the Opera house, Montparnasse Tower and the Pompidou Centre… etc. This place is really challenging for runners with hundreds of staircases and at the end you can find fresh beers with a beautiful sunset and Paris by night. That’s why I love this place a lot. 

Karla Goodman


Barcelona, Spain
Social: @karlagoodman
Favorite Running Spot: Barcelona’s Coastline
Barcelona’s coastline has all my favorite things in the world. It’s not only about the most beautiful blue colors you find in its sea and sky or the golden hour among the palm trees and beach breeze. It’s a place where you truly see Barcelona’s lifestyle: people from all around the world enjoying life; filled with diversity, energy, laughter and fun. It’s pretty much what Midnight Runners is all about!
Running / July 2021
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial