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Aztrek 90s Shoes

Classics Purple Aztrek ShoesClassics Purple Aztrek Shoes

Aztrek Shoes


Aztrek: Chunky 90s Sneakers

The opposite of the sleek sneaker trend, 90s sneakers are chunkier and brawnier than ever before. While they may be referred to as “dad sneakers,” they’re definitely not just for dads. Not by a long shot.

When it comes to the modern landscape of sneakers, what’s old is new again – and that’s especially true for throwback sneakers like the Reebok Aztrek. Everyone can rock these comfortable, chunky 90s sneakers and rep the dad shoe trend.

Aztrek: Making History
The Aztrek wasn’t inspired by kicks of the ‘90s. It defined them. Launched in 1993, these 90s sneakers established themselves as a pioneer of all-terrain adventure and inspired people to take a different path. The ‘90s sneakers featured an innovative design that pushed the limits of the imagination. Its exaggerates, chunky silhouette offered soft leather overlays and breathable mesh paneling, finished with perforation accents and a grippy rubber outsole. In short, they’re the ultimate pair of dad sneakers.
Aztrek Today
Dad sneakers. Chunky sneakers. Whatever you want to call them, these ‘90s sneakers are coming back in a big way. And they feature the same chunky sole and bold design that turned heads way back when. Re-released for today, these ‘90s sneakers lead with authenticity: Hexalite technology softens impact through unique cushioning to provide all-day comfort, and the chunky sneaker’s diamond-studded outsole pattern provides stabilized support. Hop on the chunky sneakers trend and give your style the throwback treatment with not just ‘90s-inspired sneakers, but the OG pair of dad sneakers: the Reebok Aztrek. To learn more about Aztrek, read our article on chunky dad shoe trends.
90s Retro Sneakers
Our Classic Shoes run deep – and the Aztrek is just one icon among many – but the ‘90s sneakers we’re talking about feature thick soles and an overall chunky look. Chunky sneakers, like the Workout Plus ATI 90s or the DMX Run 10, are perfect for those who prefer comfort over chic. These trendy sneakers can also be given as gifts for sneakerheads who love the 90s style footwear.
Vintage-Inspired Shoes
Classic. Bright white. Athletic. It all screams “dad sneakers.” Why not own it? Take the world by storm with chunky sneakers like Reebok’s Classic Leather.Vintage-Inspired Shoes are unapologetically retro and ready to provide the ‘90s vibe you’ve been craving. Dad, too.