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Basketball High Tops

Storm the court in high top basketball sneakers when your favorite team pulls off the upset. When it comes to high top basketball shoes, you don’t need to be playing ball to make a statement. Sitting courtside or up in the stands, high top shoes let the world know you’re more than a casual fan; you’re an avid fanatic. And these aren’t just any high top basketball sneakers. They’re designed to stand out.
Take The Lead
High top basketball shoes will no doubt enhance your sneaker credibility. An iconic pair says more than words ever could. And as far as perks are concerned, high top basketball sneakers are hard-charging and responsive—built for you to push past your limits and create your legacy.
High Top Vs. Low Top?
It’s an age-old question and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. Neither style of basketball sneakers is necessarily better than the other. However, depending on your needs, high top basketball sneakers have their individual perks. High top basketball shoes are often heavier than their low top counterparts, but they lace high enough to add extra ankle support—useful to those seeking hypermobility—and provide cushioning on the inside as well. Available in a variety of sleek styles, old-school vibes and fresh colors, our high top basketball shoes are optimized for making a bold statement during your day to day.
Break The Court-Only Tradition
High top basketball sneakers celebrate Reebok’s heritage, as well as those who change the game. So whether you prefer a sleek model like the Iverson Legacy or a more futuristic approach like the Mobius, you can follow your intuition, grab a pair of high top basketball shoes and hit the streets in your unique style.