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CrossFit® / February 2016

3 Workouts to do Before Spring Break

Whether you’re calling classes quits for Cancun or reliving the glory days with some sun and sand, beach season is here. We can’t help your sun-deprived skin, but we can prepare your body for its big debut this Spring.

Here’s the proper (read: most effective) way to perform some of the most popular pre-beach workouts, according to workout expert Derek Durkin, founder of RISE Training.

The Shredding Side Plank

  • Keep a straight line from your ankle through your hips and spine.  Squeeze your glutes to help prevent your hips from dropping.  

  • Whether you perform the side plank on your forearm or palm you want to make sure your shoulder is directly over your elbow (if on forearm) or wrist (if on palm).

  • Stack your feet and legs, or to make it slightly easier you can modify by placing the top leg in front.


Booty-Loving Lunge

  • Keep chest upright so it's perpendicular to the ground to prevent any lower back stress.

  • The front lunge knee should be over your ankle when at the bottom of the lunge, so your shin is vertical.  If your knee extends over your toes take a larger step forward.

  • At the bottom of the lunge your thigh should be parallel to the floor.  

  • The back knee should almost touch the floor or just graze it at the bottom of the lunge, but don't let it rest on the floor.

The Dreaded Sit-Up

  • Keep your feet on the ground with your knees bent at 90 degrees.  

  • As you sit-up make sure you keep your butt on the floor, preventing any jerking motion.

  • If you place your hands behind your head don't pull your head forward because it will create neck strain.  Try placing your hands crossed over your chest or have your arms straight in front (palms down).

  • At the top of the sit-up your back should be perpendicular to the floor.  

CrossFit® / February 2016