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CrossFit® / February 2016

2 Exercises that Will Make you Say ‘Ouch’ (in a Good Way)

Toughness and fitness go hand in hand. After all, as the old adage goes, pain is gain. And if gainz is what you’re after, here are two essential, yet slightly miserable movements to master.

We talked to fitness expert and founder of RISE Training Derek Durkin to breakdown these simple exercises to their most important elements.

Don’t let the simple instructions fool you. There’s a solid burn ahead!

Handstand Walk

  • First, master a handstand.

  • Keep your hands shoulder width apart, palms on the ground with your fingers spread.

  • Elbows should be turned inward so your elbow pit is facing forward.

  • Shoulders in tight close to your ears.

  • Keep center of gravity over hands.

  • To begin going from a handstand to a handstand walk, start by using a wall, walk a few paces back and forth to practice.

  • You'll need strong wrists, shoulders and core to take the handstand into a walk.

Plank Row

  • Create a solid base with your feet, a little wider than shoulder width.

  • Keep your hips down and square to the ground as you perform the row.

  • You want a straight line from your ankle through your hips and spine, so avoid lifting your head up as this will create unnecessary stress in your neck.

  • Keep your elbow in tight while performing the row, the dumbbell at the top of the row should be at or just below your chest.

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CrossFit® / February 2016