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Experts / April 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Workout Game

Winter might not be coming, but Season 6 of your favorite blood-fueled, dragon-breathing, incestuous-prime time show, Game of Thrones, is!

With Sunday’s premiere on HBO comes the need for a few refreshers: Who hates Cersei? Everyone. Where’s Jon Snow? We don’t want to talk about it. Is Tyrion’s wit sharper than Arya’s “needle”? You be the judge.

For all those obsessed with the Seven Kingdoms, there are hours of material to wade through online. That means uninterrupted binge watching, but it doesn’t give you an excuse not to workout.

That's right, we developed the Game of Thrones Workout Game that will keep your arms, legs and core as tight as if you went through basic training for The Night’s Watch.

Celebrity trainer Emily Schromm shows you how to complete the 10 grueling movements that don’t require much more than your living room furniture to complete. 


Every time Tyrion drinks...

complete 5Walking Towel Inchworms

Towel Inch Worms

Every time someone says “Your Grace”...

complete 10 Jazz Hands Pop-Ups

jazz hand

Every time HBOGo goes into buffering mode ...

complete 3Plank Towel Crawls, forward and back until show resumes


Every time a dragon kills someone ...

complete 5Isolated Towel Slide Lunges on each leg


Every time a white walker gets killed ...

complete 3Fancy Plank Ups, on each side

plank ups

Every time someone says, “winter is coming”...

complete 5Push-Ups to Slides with Towel with each arm

push ups

Every time someone gets speared ...

complete 5Burpee Tuck Jumps

Tucking jump

Every time someone enters a brothel ...

complete 5Power Step Ups to Lunges

tuck jumps

Every time a main character dies ...

complete 3Chair Dips to Core Crunch with each leg

chair dips

Every time you see The Wall ...

complete 1Wall Walk

Wall Walk

Experts / April 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom