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Kick & Punch / October 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Can you Survive a Pro Boxer's Partner Workout?

Boxing, a sport often used in tandem with the word “fighting,” is characterized by epic blows to the face and staggering hooks to the body.

We think of two individuals battling it out in a ring each with the intention of defeating the other.

The furthest thing from a partner or team sport, right? 


“You can be motivated by your partner’s work ethic,” says professional boxer Scott Burrell who trains at Gleason’s Boxing Gym in New York City with his brother Dean, a fellow professional boxer, for six of his twelve workouts a week. 

“If you're feeling tired or under motivated, seeing your partner work hard will motivate you to push that little bit more.”

The Burrell brothers are believers that if you aren’t regularly training with a partner, you aren’t reaching your fullest potential.

“This is particularly true with combat training because your partner is able to spar with you and imitate your opponent during training which can prepare you for your fight or competition. Also, a partner can help you peak your conditioning because you have somebody to compare and compete with during preparation.” 

With conditioning in mind, the Burrell brothers have programmed the ultimate 20-minute boxing conditioning workout. 

The only catch: You’ll need a partner. 

Circuit 1 

3 minutes, 30 seconds each exercise

1. High knees 

2. Shuttle squats

3. Wheelbarrow push-ups and squats with partner

4. Wheelbarrow push-ups and squats with partners switching roles

5. Shadow box vs. partner 

6. Burpees

Circuit 2 

3 minutes, 30 seconds each exercise

1. Mountain climbers and squat thrusts with partner

2. Mountain climbers and squat thrusts with partners switching roles

3. Hand touch push-ups with partner

4. Dips

5. Straight punches with 2 – 4 lb. weights 

6.  Squat jumps 

Circuit 3 

3 minutes, 30 seconds each exercise

1. Jumping jacks with squats

2. Tasmanian throwbacks 

3. Partner plank jump overs

4. Uppercuts with 2 – 4 lb. weights 

5. Fast feet sprints in place

6. Tuck jumps

1-minute rest

Repeat the workout from the start.

What partner workouts do you love? Tweet @Reebok to tell us.

Kick & Punch / October 2016
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom