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Running / December 2016
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom

8 Ways to Transform Your Run Into a Full-Body Workout

Your favorite song is playing, your arms are pumping and your legs are churning.

The feeling of flying through your run is one of the best there is.

Until you hit a stoplight.

Whether it’s a traffic stop or a set of stairs, nothing brings down that runner’s high like being interrupted when you’re feeling your fastest.

But there is a solution.  While you can’t change traffic patterns, you can change what you do when you’re delayed at them.

We spoke with Reebok trainer Jacqueline Kasen to unlock her best tips for urban runners. 

“People who go for a run have the tendency to miss out on all the great opportunities of doing a total body workout, and all the answers are in your surroundings,” she says. 

“Running in a city may tend to be a little chaotic,” she says. “However, within the city’s excitement you can turn your running routine into a full-body workout!” 

Kasen developed a running workout that embraces potential obstacles and puts them to good use.   

“Not only is the gym everywhere, but you can make your total body workout fun and interesting,” she says.  “Incorporating these movements will decrease your run time but also increase your strength, stability and mobility.”


Every time you hit a stoplight, do a calf stretch (10-12 seconds per leg) or isolated lateral lunges for 30 seconds. 

Every time you pass a piece of art or sculpture, do 10 full reps (5 per side) of bear crawls.

Every time you hit stairs, run up them laterally or do 15 Bulgarian squats per leg.

Every time you pass a bench, perform alternating bench step-ups for 30 seconds.

Every time you encounter a bike rack, perform skaters for 30 seconds or 15 deadlifts per leg.

How do you turn your surroundings into your personal gym? Let us know by tweeting  @Reebok !

Running / December 2016
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom