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Experts / February 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom

4 Dance-Inspired Fitness Moves to Celebrate Awards Season

In this year’s Best Picture frontrunner “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling spins, leaps and taps his way through every scene.

While audiences have been wowed with Gosling’s seemingly effortless dancing, it required months of rigorous training to get there. 

Gosling focused on his legs, core and back to develop full-body, functional strength.  He supplemented his strength training with Pilates to improve his posture and flexibility.  And on top of that, his schedule included dance lessons with the film’s choreographer. 

We spoke with Reebok dance partner Chachi Gonzales about how to incorporate four dance-inspired fitness movements into your own workout ahead of Sunday’s Oscars. 

Gonzales says being strong is a necessary requirement for her to perform at her peak.

“Being physically strong has given me the ability to push past my limits in dance,” she says.  “I am able to jump higher, hold a pose stronger and give every move my everything.  Behind every dance move I am able to put the power needed behind it to really make an impact for the audience.” 

Gonzales says burpees, lunge-and-leans, one-legged jump squats and standing crunches are the type of movements all dancers should practice to improve their athleticism and all-over strength. She emphasizes that dance requires full-body strength and the stamina to move through movements quickly.  

1. Burpees

2. Lunge-and-Leans

3. One-Legged Jump Squats

4. Standing Crunches

“These particular movements showcase a dancer’s athleticism in the way that we are able to focus on multiple parts of our body and exert constant energy while keeping our stamina under control,” she says. 

“For example, the jump squats represent the powerful jump tricks that lead into our next move,” she says. “Dance is a constant battle with your body like any workout.  There are no breaks in a dance routine – we are continuously moving from power move to power move.”

Movie buffs have been counting down to Sunday’s Oscars since the beginning of the year, but we see it as one more reason to lace up our studio sneakers and get fit.

What are your favorite full-body fitness movements?  Let us know by tweeting @Reebok!

Experts / February 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom