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Running / May 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom

Get Fit With This (ADJECTIVE) Mad Libs Workout

What motivates you to head to the gym, track or studio everyday?

Is it to be a better (OCCUPATION), or to impress your (FAMILY MEMBER)?

Or maybe you hit the weights to (VERB) your (PART OF THE BODY).

Whatever your reason, we have the workout for you!  

We teamed up with Mad Libs and Reebok trainer Jamie Eason to create the ultimate fill-in-the-blank-style workout, resulting in the most customized, and funniest, workout you’ve ever done.

For Eason, finding ways to add creativity and personalization to workouts is key to avoiding monotony at the gym.

“Having variety in your workout helps prevent boredom or reaching a plateau, and helps you stay physically challenged,” she says.

For this bodyweight workout, Eason recommends a lightweight shoe like the Print Smooth Ultraknit, built for versatility to support varied movements from lunges to burpees.

“I like a shoe with multi-purpose functionality,” she says.  “It needs to be lightweight to allow for quick steps and adequate power during explosive movements.”

A self-described “word nerd,” Eason is a journalism major-turned-elite trainer who never lost her love of language, which she credits Mad Libs for inspiring at an early age.

“I grew up with Mad Libs, and I often found myself completing an entire pad in a single sitting,” says Eason. “As a kid, I truly believe that Mad Libs was responsible for helping me learn parts of speech.”

But Mad Libs is good for more than just grammar lessons. Our fitness version allows you to create a workout you enjoy, which is just as important as adding variety.

“When you get to program your workout or choose certain movements, it can help improve adherence and keep you motivated,” Eason explains. “Adding exercises that you truly enjoy keeps fitness fun!”

Try our Mad Libs workout to add some fun, creativity, and a few laughs to your workout.  Fill in the blanks below to create a personalized workout for your arms, legs and abs!


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Running / May 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom