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Style / June 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom

Real NOLA Through a Musician's Eyes

Music, parades, voodoo, and Cajun food on every corner.

To those not native to the one and only Big Easy, these may top the list when describing “classic New Orleans.”

But with so many cultures, languages, and iconic styles being repped through the streets of the city, a quick visit will show you that there is so much more to the story of what makes New Orleans undoubtedly classic.

From the fresh kicks on the streets to underground subculture and footwear trends, we had to learn more about what it takes to keep it classic in NOLA.

We caught up with Chase N. Cashe, an award-winning producer and hip-hop artist that along with his music career, was born and raised in the Big Easy.

“The word ‘classic' to me means established, unforgettable, definitive, and valuable,” says Cashe. “When something is classic it stands the test of time.”

To Cashe, there are a few spots in the city that capture the timeless vibe of the people of New Orleans like the Superdome.

“The first classic spot I like to go to is the New Orleans Superdome, because it's the staple landmark of our city,” says Cashe.  

“The Dome has been through a lot, just like the people in New Orleans. We've had big wins and losses together in the Superdome but more importantly we have memories that will live forever.”

If you’re in the city to experience music, Cashe suggests making your way to the French Quarter for the latest tracks and to experience local talent from all different walks of life firsthand.

“The second spot I like to go to is the House of Blues in the French Quarter because it's the central hub for all the music of New Orleans,” explains Cashe.

“You can stop by the HOB to see hometown heroes while also getting the best in music from your favorite artists touring to the city.”

If you and your squad are getting hungry after taking in all the fresh music of New Orleans, start searching for some boiled crawfish, a NOLA specialty.

“Soul's Seafood Market & Cajun Seafood always hits the spot on a hot day with the family,” says Cashe. “Go buy some pounds for the squad and enjoy!”

As far as NOLA sneaker culture, Cashe says keep it authentic.

You’ll be able to spot a local not just for his style but because he usually can’t be found walking the streets without a fresh pair of kicks.

“Footwear trends in New Orleans that I've been seeing lately are shoes that have an appeal of luxury with the comfort of sport,” explains Cashe.

“All white shoes are a must-have in the closet so people keep a fresh pair. It's hot here, and we're on our feet a lot so the shoe has to be comfortable. You can see a little bit of every trend down here in New Orleans but we put our own spin on it.”

A city never confined to any one trend, New Orleans is the perfect match for the Reebok Classic Leather, according to Cashe.

“The silhouette is perfect for simplicity,” says Cashe.

“The touch of gum sole paired with the Classic Leather makes a statement when worn in the streets. You get a balance of casual, sporty, and formal all at once. It's a shoe that is defined more and more by the person wearing it due to the diversity in which you can style with it.” 

“I style my Classic Leathers with a fresh pair of denim jeans and a polo shirt to pay homage to the '90s era I grew up watching in New Orleans. If you had that, you were the freshest on the street!”

What defines New Orleans style to you? Let us know by tweeting us at @ReebokClassics on Twitter!

Style / June 2017
Ryan Gwaltney, Global Newsroom