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/ August 2017
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom

'PSL Season' is Here!

School is back in session, summer temperatures have peaked, and the leaves are about to turn.

That can only mean one thing – "PSL Season" is here! 

Pushups, squats and lunges, that is.   

After summer vacation, it’s time to get back to basics in the gym. 

These three essential fitness movements are the only accessory you need for fall. They warm you up and look good on you.

“The cool things about these well-known exercises is that they can be used for multiple purposes: to build strength, to improve performance and to improve mobility,” says New York City-based personal trainer Jen Rufo.   

She provided her favorite variations on the classic movements so you can reap their benefits and snap that perfect Instagram shot. 

“Switching up exercises prevents hitting a plateau and ensures that you are constantly challenging your body,” she says.  

“Variation is beneficial not only to keep the challenge alive, but also keeps you from getting bored.”

There is more than one way to be basic. So this fall, celebrate PSL Season with these pushup, squat and lunge variations.


“To perform a normal pushup with proper form, make sure to engage your core and glutes and rotate externally at the top of your shoulders,” says Rufo.

Weighted Pushup

Add a plate on top of your back to build strength.

Pushup with Clap

As you are pushing up from the ground, bring your hands together and clap before returning to the lowered pushup position. 

Pike Pushup

From a normal pushup position, raise your hips to form an upside down V.   Keeping your legs straight, bend at the elbows to lower your head toward the ground and back up.


Slow and controlled movements like squats help build good movement patterns and prepare you to add weight and challenge your performance with time,” she says.  “Brace your core, rotate externally from the top of your hips and keep your pelvis neutral.”

Weighted Squat

Hold a kettle bell as you bend your knees to squat to a below-parallel position and back.

Jump Squat

Squat regularly but add a jump as you move back to a standing position. Land in the squat position and repeat.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Stand on one leg with the other resting on a bench or box behind you.  Bend your standing knee to a squat position and rise back up to standing.


“To ensure proper mobility and movement patterns for a lunge, make sure your knee, hip and shoulder are in one straight, vertical line,” says Rufo.

“Brace your core, make sure your pelvis is neutral and keep your back glute tight. Bodyweight lunges on each side will help with mobility and movement pattern practice to prepare you for harder movements.” 

Weighted Lunge

Hold a kettle bell as you lunge normally to build strength.

Curtsy Lunge

Start from standing, step one leg behind your other leg and squat, as if performing a curtsy.  Rise up and repeat with other leg.

Jump Lunge

With feet staggered, lower into a lunge and then jump up, switching your legs in the air.  Land back into a lunge position and repeat.

How do you ring in #PSLSeason?  Let us know by tweeting @Reebok!

/ August 2017
Natalie Chladek, Global Newsroom