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Experts / September 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Dorm Room Workouts From a Pro

When taking a college tour, the appeal of an on-campus gym seems too good to be true. Rows of treadmills, racks of free weights and even a pool all within walking distance of the dorms.

How could you not get fit as f**k?

Spend a month living on campus, though, and suddenly the gym is a distant memory. Be it those early morning headaches after a late night out, chilly temps that leave you not wanting to step foot outside, or all-nighters in the library, just the mile walk to the gym seems dooming.

Sofia Leguizamon , a trainer at New York City’s popular gym Solace, knows the feeling. Leguizamon is also a nursing student herself. 

“For many people, just getting themselves to the gym is the hardest part of the workout,” says Leguizamon.

“This can be especially true for college students when the gym is often a long walk across campus.”

Leguizamon’s solution: Bring the gym to you.

And no, she’s not talking about lugging barbells and weight plates across campus.

“You can work out anywhere,” she says. “That includes your dorm room.”

“Use the desk, the bed, and objects you have around – heavy textbooks – as your makeshift equipment. Be creative!”

Leguizamon has already started to get creative herself, and below she’s sharing these dorm room exercises with you.

If you want to take it one step further, find a suitemate or someone down the hall to do them alongside you!

“One of the most fun parts about living in a dorm is that you’re surrounded by friends. It just means you’ve got built-in workout buddies!”

Good Mornings


A good exercise to warm up with, stand up straight and rest the hands in the back of the head. Bend the chest forward while moving the butt back, attempting to form a 90-degree angle with the body. If necessary, bend the knees slightly. Raise the chest back up to the original position.

Weighted Lunges


Find something in your room, such as a textbook, to serve as a weight. Hold the book across your body, gripping it in both hands. Step one leg forward, keeping the chest up and abs engaged. Bend the back leg behind so the knee strikes the ground. Stand back up without moving the feet from their planted positions. Continue to move the back leg up and down in this motion.

Incline Pushups


Move the chair away from its normal spot at the desk and into the middle of the dorm room. Stand facing the chair with the hands planted at each end, shoulder width apart. Press into the chair, keeping the hips, knees and toes in a line and the core tight, and then push the body back up to the original position. Be sure to keep the elbows in throughout the motion.

Butt Raises


With the back on the ground, plant one leg on the chair and raise the other leg straight in the air. With the hands rested on the ground for support, raise the butt and hips up and down.

Step Ups


The chair can be used for this exercise as well, or scale to a shorter height by using a stool or step instead. Face the step, planting one leg on it with the knee bent and the other leg on the ground. Use weight from the back leg to step up and raise the knee above the stool. In the same swift motion, bring that leg back down to its original position. For added momentum, bend the opposite arm while stepping.

Toe Touches


Lie on the ground with both legs raised in the air rested against the side of the bed. Start with the arms on the ground behind the head; raise them up so the hands touch the toes. The shoulders and upper back will move upward in tandem.



Yes, there is enough space for a burpee even in a tiny dorm room! Start by standing up straight. Throw oneself onto the ground, kicking the legs back behind the body and moving the hands to a pushup position in front. When the chest touches the ground, jump the legs back in towards the hand, and then jump the whole body upwards back to a standing position.

Did you put these to the test in your dorm room? Tweet @Reebok to send us a picture.

Experts / September 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom