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Studio / November 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Perfect Your Form with Nina Dobrev

TFW all your hard work in the gym is finally starting to pay off. You’ve been working your ass off for months and you’re just now feeling like you’ve got this.

But you’ve still got some refining to do. And Reebok and Les Mills ambassador Nina Dobrev is here to help. 

Dobrev has been known to hit the gym hard. Over the last year she’s learned a lot about what it takes to nail the most important moves, especially when it comes to LES MILLS GRIT, a 30-minute HIIT workout where your form is important to drive results. 

“Because the workout is a short but intense 30 minutes, my form has to be great to get results,” she says.  “Working on the correct form has helped me feel stronger and correct some areas that I have had trouble with.” 

And just like the rest of us, Dobrev admits when she’s struggling to power through a tough workout, her form can be affected. 

“LES MILLS GRIT is designed to challenge your fitness , and when I get tired, I have to really concentrate to keep my form correct,” she says. 

What pushes her to keep going and move correctly is knowing how great she’ll feel at the end of the workout. 

“Correcting some of my form, slowing down until I feel the difference, then working up to full speed has helped me stay safe and feel better when I am finished,” says Dobrev. 

No matter the workout, there are always a few key movements that trip us up. For Dobrev, that’s moving weights overhead. 

“The push press is probably the hardest for me,” she says. 

“Working with a weight plate is not something I did or liked to do much in the past.  I am still getting used to how to move it properly, but when I do I can totally feel the burn.  It is tough, but worth it!”

Dobrev’s been known to take workout classes with friends and leaning on their support to power through the tough moments. 

“Having other people believe in me and work alongside me gives me confidence,” she says.


As she continues to pursue her goals and feel empowered by her progress, Dobrev is becoming a better version of herself.

“It’s that push, doing one more rep that I did not want to do or the last five seconds that I push through so I can finish, that’s what makes me feel invincible,” she says. 

“It is the combination of the group, my trainer Lissa Bankston, and the work I put into achieving a particular goal that makes me feel part of something bigger than just fitness, and that empowers me.”

Dobrev shows us the proper form for three of the moves she’s mastered in LES MILLS GRIT. 

Plate Squat Press 


Push Up

What move have you recently mastered? Tweet @ReebokWomen and @lesmills and tell us!

Studio / November 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom