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Experts / May 2018

Make the Most of Summer With This Beach Workout

There’s no summer activity as quintessential as spending the day at the beach. Whether you’re heading there with a group of friends for an all-day gathering, or going solo for a relaxing few hours in the sand, it’s on the top of just about everyone’s summer bucket lists.

The key to making the most of your day in the sunshine is to get there early to grab the best spot, and leave late to ensure you don’t miss an hour of precious sunshine. But that leaves you zero time to hit the gym. 

For that predicament, CrossFit athlete Rich Froning has the perfect solution: Bring the gym to the sand. rich-froning-beach-workout-pushup

  • “We have a pond near my gym so I get a group together to do workouts there pretty often," says Froning. "If I’m at a beach – on vacation or having a beach day with the family – I’ll usually recreate one of those workouts."

We all know that swimming is a great total-body workout, and the added component of waves creates even more of a challenge.

“Every beach workout should involve swimming," Froning confirms. "You’re near the water, so get in the water! Swimming works the full body and there are only certain times of the year when we’re able to do it outside. I like to take advantage of that.” 

But don’t just stick to the water, he says. The sandy beach also offers plenty of workout opportunities.

“Don’t get caught up in lugging gym equipment to the beach. Between swimming, running and bodyweight movements, you can program an effective workout.” 

Froning, accompanied by his friends and fellow trainers Spencer Hendel and Austin Malleolo, showed us one of his go-to beach workouts and broke it down into easy-to-follow instructions. 

And because it’s still a day at the beach, these guys packed a full-body workout into 20 minutes so you still have plenty of time for fun. Check it out below!

20-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):



When you're in open water, measuring the exact distance of a swim can be difficult; don't let that trip you up. Instead, find a buoy or marker in the water and swim out to that. Freestyle is the recommended stroke. 

30 push-ups


Swim back to the shore and drop down into a plank position for 30 push-ups. Make sure to lower your chest all the way down to the sand.



Head back to your starting point on the beach while doing lunges. Step one leg forward, keeping your chest up and abs engaged. Bend your back leg behind so the knee strikes the ground. Stand back up without moving your feet from their planted positions.

30 air squats 


Once back at the starting point of your swim, perform 30 air squats before running back into the water. With your feet shoulder width apart, slowly squat down, keeping your heels planted. Remember to break parallel.

Once you’re finished with the first round, repeat until this sequence until 20 minutes is up. For a look at Froning, Hendel and Malleolo giving that first round a go, watch the video below.

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Experts / May 2018