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Experts / August 2018
Sarah Corda, Global Newsroom

Brandin Cooks Reveals Surprising Hobby

Between a cross-country move and a wedding, it’s safe to say wide receiver Brandin Cooks has had an eventful offseason!

Amid these major life changes and the hours he spends at the gym, one might expect Cooks doesn’t have time for other hobbies. But as it turns out, there’s one pastime in particular that Cooks does his best to make time for: Photography. 

“I think it’s important to have a hobby outside of your sport, so you’re not just always thinking about the game,” says Cooks.

“When you can’t explain the type of place that you’re at, you take photos.”

And thanks to his job as a professional football player, Cooks has been able to visit some pretty epic places.

“This past year, when I started getting into photography, has been really helping me play better,” he adds. 

“I’m able to separate life and football and capture moments to share with the world and create this connection with my fans.”

Watch the video above to hear Cooks discuss the unconventional connection between his two passions and how photography helps him escape from the game.

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Experts / August 2018
Sarah Corda, Global Newsroom