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CrossFit® / August 2018

This Is What Athletes Say Behind the Scenes at the CrossFit Games

Ladies and gentlemen of the CrossFit community, we’re already over halfway through the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games!

Whether you’re watching from the comfort of your living room (holding a plank in front of the television) or flew to Madison to get up close to the action, you’ve certainly been witnessing a show.

From PR’s to withdrawals, emotions run high at the Games.

Ever wonder what the athletes say after they exit the lights of the competition floor? Curious about the conversations that take place behind the scenes?

So were we.

This past week, we went backstage at the Games to find out just that.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the most vulnerable, impactful and hilarious moments we witnessed.


On TE7, CrossFit Mayhem Independence and @crossfitmayhemfreedom took first and second place respectively. - “When we weren’t with Freedom in that top heat the first day, it gave us a little spark,” says @darrenhunsucker of Mayhem Independence. - “That’s where we want to be—all eight of us out there together. That’s where we’re the most comfortable.“ - Two-time Affiliate Cup Champion CrossFit Mayhem Freedom sits in first place going into tonight’s event. CrossFit Mayhem Independence sits in second. - “I do think some people probably underestimated Independence coming into the week,” says Hunsucker. - “Hopefully they don’t anymore.” - @crossfitgames @reebok @coreyjenkinsphoto #crossfitgames

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“I loved the three elements. I just loved the programming of that event,” says @tiaclair1 after winning the Madison Triplus. - “I found this one easier than the run and swim event last year. - “We took the first run so fast last year which made the other portions really hurt.” - Despite the addition of the paddle, Toomey found herself in a foot race with @kristieramo until the final few meters of the run. It was deja vu to 2017. - “I was so wrapped when she was close to me on the board,” says Toomey. “I know she can run.” - “But I love having competitors. That’s what makes me better.” - Toomey looked like a seasoned vet on the paddle board. - When asked if she paddles often, Toomey laughs. - “Never,” she says. “People just think you do when you’re from Australia.” - Both Toomey and Eramo had faster times in the event than the first place male. - @crossfitgames @reebok @antlucicphotography #crossfitgames

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This is the second year in a row that #CrossFitGames athletes completed an obstacle course. - “It was much more fun than the obstacle course last year,” says @laurenfisher as she walks off the field after IE5, The Battleground. - “Last year, it was quick and for time so you couldn’t have any mess ups. If you messed up once, it was over.” - “This one was about keeping your cool for longer.” - “My legs still feel heavy from the row which made it tough,” she adds. “But everyone’s in the same boat with that.” - @chynacho agrees with Fisher. - “I had to redo the cargo net which I’m not happy about, but still, it was way better than last year.” - “It’s a fun event,” says Cho. - @crossfitgames @reebok @antlucicphotography

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Cookeville-based affiliate @thecrossfitmayhem qualified two teams for the #CrossFitGames. Those teams currently sit in first and second place. - Tomorrow morning when they take the field for TE3, @crossfitmayhemfreedom and CrossFit Mayhem Independence will be in lanes next to each other. - “That’s what we want,” says @richfroning of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. - “That’s how we do it every day.” - Froning describes the teams’ performance on day one as “solid.” - “The rings became damage control on event two,” he says. - Many other teams cited the same issue as they exited the competition floor. The wind outside made it difficult for athletes to grab the rings and stay synchronized on their muscle-ups. - “Nobody forecasted for that.” - “Day two is gonna be fun,” Froning adds. - @CrossFitGames @Reebok @antlucicphotography #CrossFitGames

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Last night, for IE4, athletes rowed a full marathon—42,195 meters. - Upon finishing, many athletes immediately laid on the ground. Others could barely walk out of the Coliseum. - You would expect this morning’s aftermath to be even worse. - But, @tiaclair1 was up and at it today, seemingly unfazed she completed a marathon less than 12 hours ago. - “I’m feeling great after day one!” says Toomey over breakfast. - “Coming into the Games, I didn’t know it was going to be a row,” she adds. “But, I had a feeling it was going to be some sort of marathon.” - “I am really happy about how I pulled up this morning.” - We’re not sure other athletes would say the same. Perhaps that’s why Toomey is the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth. - Toomey is sitting in second place after the first day. - @CrossFitGames @Reebok #CrossFitGames

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CrossFit® / August 2018