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Experts / August 2018
Sarah Corda, Global Newsroom

Need to Switch It Up? Terron Beckham makes up an on the spot workout to keep you on your toes!

Tired of doing the same thing every day at the gym? Looking to change up your workout routine? Well, look no further than Reebok trainer Terron Beckham’s Instagram.

Beckham is known for his intense workouts, many of which include crazy, unconventional movements that the average gym-goer would never dream up. His social media channels are a goldmine for these creative feats of fitness!

In the video above, we put Beckham’s creativity to the ultimate test, asking him to create new workout movements on the spot. The catch: we provide a movement name and Beckham must instantly showcase the never-done-before trick.

“I’m up for the challenge because I love getting creative,” said Beckham with a sly smile upon being presented with the challenge.

The results were anything but boring! Watch for yourself in the video above where he demonstrates his Pancake Flip, Frog Push Up and more!

His moves are sure to get you inspired and keep you guessing the next time you’re at the gym.

Terron is wearing the Reebok Speed TR Flexweave. Shop his look.

Experts / August 2018
Sarah Corda, Global Newsroom