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Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Frankie Collective’s Sara Gourlay Makes A One of Kind ‘90s Capsule for Reebok

Sara Gourlay isn’t just a visionary when it comes to streetwear, she’s a game changer.

As the Creative Director for Frankie Collective, an online shop that sells vintage and re-worked clothing for women, Gourlay is proving that streetwear isn’t just for men.

“When we started four or five years ago, there was totally a gap in the industry. Also just for girls in streetwear in general, it was about empowering them. When I walked into a men's street wear store, I felt intimidated, so I just wanted to make clothes for girls online where they could see it be styled, how to wear it, and help them find their own style.” 

Gourlay and team’s cut and sew reworks of vintage clothing reimagines streetwear for current day and for women who want to wear unique, one of a kind—not to mention sustainable—pieces.  

As for Gourlay’s personal style inspiration; she got it from her momma.

“My mom was always serving looks. So lots of my '90s inspo comes from what she was wearing.”

Gourlay keeps it casual, comfortable and minimalist so pieces can stand out. For Gourlay, the influence of the ‘90s on the world of fashion cannot be understated. 

“The ‘90s defined streetwear. It was the time that streetwear found its path through skateboarding, hip hop, graffiti, etc. Before then streetwear was literally a mix of many elements coming together and interpreted differently by the urban youth. It is a very important era that has changed the face of fashion ever since. We see ‘90s influence everywhere today.” 

As part of Reebok Classics’s Aztrek: 90s Re-Run program, Gourlay curated and created a one-of-a-kind capsule collection of rare vintage ‘90s and ‘90s-inspired Reebok items, all inspired by Reebok Classic’s Aztrek silhouette. The program was created to give those who have chosen to take a bold and different path in their lives a platform to express their creativity. These are one-of-one collections born from a one-of-one shoe design. In addition to Gourlay, the group includes other ‘90s kids like comedian and social media influencer Jay Versace, Founder of For All To Envy Kirk Tilton, creative consultant Jordan Page and collectors and curators Joshua Matthews & Angie Chavez.

“I was super excited to design a collection based around the Reebok Aztrek,” says Gourlay. “The shoe is undoubtedly retro but has a very contemporary feel to it. I feel like shoes are the foundation of any look so I built from there. The Aztrek has very interesting lines and bright pops of color so I built my collection with those aspects in mind.”

The Aztrek originally launched in 1993. As an innovative off-road runner ahead of its time, it was instantly considered a pioneer in the space. Now, the unique design is being brought back for those looking to express themselves through style.  

“I have a very specific aesthetic. I tend to steer clear of crazy color palettes and gimmicks and let the lines and movement of the garment speak for themselves. In this collection, I reimagined the pieces to be styled with the Aztrek and made them work within my realm.”

Just as the Aztrek was a silhouette before its time, these one-of-a-kind collections are daring representations of style. That’s why Reebok Classic is giving the opportunity to a few lucky people to actually win each of these five unique collections, and a rare chance to be part of the Aztrek story. 

“Our curation was created around three colorways of the Aztrek. The pieces are ‘90s inspired with a modern twist, true to the design of the Aztrek shoe. We played with garments that could dress up or down the shoe. Baggy and form fitting garments were mixed for updated vintage silhouettes.”  

Gourlay continues to be a pioneer of her time, helping to evolve the streetwear space and encouraging inclusion with her creativity and passion.

“The rework industry is growing and I think Frankie Collective has helped push it forward and bring it into the eyes of many people. We like to break down barriers and change the rules of what’s interpreted as acceptable fashion.  We set ourselves apart by continuing to innovate by designing new and interesting garments.”

For more on the Aztrek and to enter to win Gourlay’s collection click here.

Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom