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Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Jay Versace Curated a ‘90s Inspired Capsule for Reebok

Jay Versace has become a social media and internet sensation. At just 20 years old the comedian and social media influencer is unapologetic in his work and has no plans on slowing down.

While Jay may be young, his style is reflective of an earlier era. Jay connects the most with the ‘90s, the last true era of individuality and singular style, and a time where self-expression through fashion was vital. 

“To me the ‘90s meant art, color and creativity, and most importantly, individuality,” he says. “The ‘90s influenced me not to be afraid to be happy and stand out. It also influenced me to stick to what I love best and promote it as much as I can.”

As part of Reebok Classics’s Aztrek: 90s Re-Run program, Jay curated a one-of-a-kind capsule collection of rare vintage ‘90s and ‘90s-inspired items, in celebration of Reebok Classic’s Aztrek silhouette. The program was created to give those who have chosen to take a bold and different path in their lives a platform to express their creativity. These are one-of-one collections born from a one-of-one shoe design. In addition to Jay Versace, the group includes other ‘90s babes such as Jordan Page, Sara Gourlay of Frankie Collective, Kirk Tilton of For All To Envy and Josh Matthews & Angie Chavez. 

The Aztrek originally launched in 1993. As an innovative off-road runner ahead of its time, it was instantly considered a pioneer in the space. Now, the unique design is being brought back for those looking to express themselves through style.

“I just like classic things and just bringing it back, but having my own version of it. Lately, I've been changing my style to more mature things.” 

Just as the Aztrek was a silhouette before its time, these one-of-a-kind collections are daring representations of style. That’s why Reebok Classic is giving the opportunity to a few lucky people to actually win each of these five unique collections, and a rare chance to be part of the Aztrek story. For Jay Versace, his collection was inspired by movies of the ‘90s and his favorite outfits.

“My collection is unique because I feel like I can pull the weirdest things off well and that’s something that takes confidence and personality,” he says. “I stay true to my unique personality by choosing items that I would wear on a daily basis. Clothes that if I went to a thrift store and saw I would immediately buy.” 

Jay says that doing something a little off the beaten path like curating this unique collection is par for the course for him and he enjoys the creative process.

“I just know that I have a creative mind. I go to things that I was inspired by when I was a kid for creativity, and I relive it, like certain characters, certain people, certain styles ... It's times where I would just watch a movie, and I see a character that has a fire outfit, and I'll base the whole entire month wearing things that remind me of that outfit.”

But what is it about the ‘90’s that captures Jay’s attention and inspires him the most? Unlike today, the 90s lacked social media and forced people to remain authentic. Boasting over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and over half a million subscribers on Youtube, with every video he creates or post to social media, Jay remains true to who he is. 

“The thing I appreciate most about the ‘90's is ... the fact that there was no social media, there was nobody going on Instagram to see what else somebody else is doing so they can copy them. I feel like right now we're all trying to do what everyone else is doing because of social media, and we're trying to base our lives off of other people. But I feel like in the 90's it was more free of creativity, and we're still trying to be as creative as they were.” 

For more on the Aztrek and to enter to win Jay Versace’s collection click here

Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom