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CrossFit® / March 2021
Maureen Quirk, Reebok

Best Gym Shoes for Women: What Is Right for Your Workout?

Find the perfect fit for your feet—and your sweat style—here.

Let’s be honest: few things motivate us to actually hit the gym like a great new pair of sneakers. Sure, there are days where we can’t wait to let out stress by throwing around weights or punching the bag, but other days, it’s the sheer desire to show off our latest and greatest workout shoes that gets us out of bed at 5 a.m. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

But here’s where things can go wrong. You might be in the mood for a workout of squatting, lunging, and box jumping, but is that what your shoes were designed to give you the most support for? Just as not all sneakers look the same, they’re not all intended for the same activities, either.

To make sneaker shopping easier, we’re breaking down the best gym shoes for women.

If you take HIIT, circuit or boot camp classes: HIIT Women's Training Shoes

If your workouts include burpees, sit-ups, mountain climbers and sprints, chances are you are doing some form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The nature of HIIT workouts is that the movements are fast-paced and constantly changing to keep your heart rate high and your body moving. Enter: the HIIT Women’s training shoe. As the name suggests, these training shoes are designed specifically for the woman whose day-to-day training incorporates squats, burpees, short sprints, and any dynamic movement that keeps you on your toes. The HIIT Women’s training shoe is tough enough to withstand the wear of your workouts and light enough to not weigh you down. Plus, the mesh upper was thoughtfully constructed with a pillow around the collar for a locked-in fit, while the flexible outsole provides dependable grip on slippery gym floors. And with more than 80 5-star reviews on, these crowd-pleasing training shoes will get you through a tough workout with equal parts support and style.


HIIT Women's Training Shoe, $90;

If you do CrossFit: Reebok CrossFit Nano 9 Gym Shoe

The Nano 9 was created by the CrossFit community, for the CrossFit community. Get ready to take your training beyond the Box, as these sneakers have been completely redesigned. These women’s gym shoes have an extensive history that just keeps getting better. Through work directly with the CrossFit community, the workout shoe’s rich legacy has experienced an evolution. Who better to help design these Nanos than some of the most well-renowned individuals in CrossFit history? These experts helped to create the newest iteration, which has resulted in functional improvements to a classic. The sneaker takes all of the greatest parts of the Nano and brings things to the next level. One notable feature is the Flexweave upper, which has been newly customized for various workouts. It outperforms the flexibility of traditional Flexweave, which will help you move quickly from one movement to the next. These fibers are woven in the shape of a figure-8, which offers strength and lightweight support. This material is tough enough to take on your most dynamic moves. With the new additions to these gym shoes, you’ll be fully supported during sprints, rope climbs, and anything in between. These women’s workout shoes have just the right mix of retro and modern details, so you’ll be on trend when sporting them. The re-engineered Nano 9 is truly a Nano for All. 


Reebok CrossFit Nano 9, $130;

If you do heavy weightlifting: Legacy Lifter Flexweave Gym Shoe

The Legacy Lifter Flexweave is a technical weightlifting shoe intended to be worn by powerlifters and Olympic lifters alike. We know what you’re thinking: How do I know if I need a weightlifting shoe or if my regular gym shoes will suffice for the lifts incorporated into my training? If you are performing light to medium weight lifts within a circuit workout or boot camp class, a technical weightlifting shoe is probably not necessary. But, if you’re trying to PR a lift or your entire workout is devoted to heavy strength training, investing in a technical weightlifting shoe will set you up for success. How? Look at how tall the heel is on the Legacy Lifter Flexweave. This higher heel allows for optimal squat positioning and is designed to provide a stable base on the weightlifting platform. Plus, the Flexweave upper (not featured on the traditional Legacy Lifters) provides just the right amount of stretch and targeted support at key performance areas, while the two adjustable upper straps allow your feet to feel more locked-in and grounded as you max out your lifts.


Legacy Lifter Flexweave, $200;

If comfort is your top priority: Sole Fury Gym Shoe

There’s no denying that the Sole Fury looks good. But slip a pair on your feet and you might be shocked by how good it feels, too. If your number one priority when selecting gym shoes is comfort, the Sole Fury should be at the top of your list. The split-cushioning outsole removes weight, making the Sole Fury more flexible and lightweight than other workout shoes. The fact that the sockliner is made of foam adds to that comfort.


Sole Fury, $90; 

If you have narrow feet: Flexagon Energy TR2 Women's Training Shoe

When you’re easing back into a gym routine, picking the right shoe can feel like another hurdle to getting you in the door. Don’t let that stop you. If you know you’re aiming to start off with low-intensity workouts, like walking on the treadmill or clocking a few easy miles on the stationary bike, then you’ll want a shoe that can easily move with you. The Flexagon Energy TR 2 women’s training shoes deliver exactly what gym newbies need in a sneaker. The lightweight cushioning makes these women's training shoes a go-to for most fitness classes, and the breathable mesh upper will help keep your feet cool as you work up a sweat. And for anyone starting back in the gym, we know how important it is to feel secure with every step. The Flexagon Energy TR 2 women’s training shoes sport smart FuelFoam technology at the midsole to provide the optimal balance of cushioning and response. You’ll feel confident as you take on new moves or pick up the pace. Added bonus: These training shoes score major style points with their minimalist design and origami-inspired details.


Flexagon Energy TR 2, $55;

If you like low-intensity interval training:  Reago Pulse 2 Gym Shoe

Yes, everyone is always talking about HIIT, but going high-intensity isn’t the only way to take advantage of the power of interval-based workouts. In fact, low-intensity interval training (LIIT) is an excellent alternative when your body and your joints need a break from all that sprinting, jumping, and squatting. With LIIT, you’ll still switch between high and low intervals, but your highs aren’t quite as high as they would be in HIIT workouts. For instance, with LIIT you’re more likely go from a walk to a jog instead of an all out-sprint, and your recovery times are usually longer so you can catch your breath. Consider LIIT an intermediate step when you want to work in intervals but you aren’t quite ready for HIIT. And you need a shoe that can keep up. Say hello to the Reago Pulse 2. These gym shoes were specifically designed to perform well during low-intensity interval workouts, and you’ll build strength and endurance with every step. The FuelFoam midsole improves the comfort level, and the innovative lacing system and seamless midfoot cage provides a secure fit. No matter what, you’ll be able to try new moves and increase your speed all while staying stable and secure. 


Reago Pulse 2, $70;

If you’re incorporating running: Forever Floatride Energy Gym Shoe

Take your run to the next level in Forever Floatride Energy. You’ll have power with each and every step thanks to the design of these shoes. The perfect everyday running shoe, wear these the next time you’re looking to cut out distractions. Your splits will be fast due to the Floatride Energy Foam. This midsole provides lightweight cushioning from start to finish. This technology is just what you need to give you increased power. The responsive fit of the shoe will ensure that you’re always one step ahead. Take each stride in comfort with the mesh upper, which offers support and breathability. You’ll stay secure on your next jog so that you can focus on putting in the miles. This workout shoe is exactly what you need when you’re looking to up the intensity on your next runs. Another exciting part of this gym shoe is that it comes in fun shades like orange and light blue. Not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also be more visible on your next run thanks to the sunny and bold pops of color on these kicks. These shoes are cool, yet minimalistic enough to not be overpowering. The modern design is sleek and understated, but still eye-catching due to the brightly-colored upper. Wherever your run may take you, push your pace in the Forever Floatride Energy.


Forever Floatride Energy, $100;

If you’re an all-terrain runner: Zig Wild Trail 6 Women's Shoe

The bold construction of the Zigwild Trail 6 women’s running shoes is your first clue that these aren’t your average running sneakers. The eye-catching and innovative outsole disperses energy for a comfortable feel from heel strike to toe-off, so no matter what surface you’re running on—from the treadmill to the running trail—you’ll have cushioning support to go the distance. These running shoes pack max comfort and durability making them a delight for new runners and those racking up serious miles. And we can’t forget the overall style—the upper shows off a '90s trail vibe and brings an outdoor feel to your everyday routine, even when you’re sweating it out indoors. 


Zig Wild Trail 6, $100;

If you’re going to spin: Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe

The Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe will help you power through tap backs and sprints with ease during your next spin sesh. These cycling shoes have been designed with no detail left behind. Whether you’re a regular in studio classes or a cold-weather cross-trainer, get ready to take things up a notch in these women’s workout shoes. Nobody wants to feel sweaty and uncomfortable in their sneakers, and this pair has been created with this in mind. You’ll find antibacterial and anti-odor treatments throughout these shoes, so you can focus on peddling. The honeycomb perforated insoles will keep things light and breathable even when temps get high. As you clip in and get ready to start class or venture on an outside journey, the hook-and-loop straps will help keep you feeling secure. You’ll also get flexible support because the outsole has been injected with nylon and fiberglass. Another added bonus? These workout shoes were made to be compatible with all major road and SPD cleats. So, whether you prefer peddling in a dark room to the newest tracks or you’re more into taking in the scenery in the great outdoors, this is the cycling shoe you need. Get ready to turn it up when you climb your next hill in the Actify Indoor Cycling Shoe.


Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe, $109.99;

If you’re taking a dance or studio class: Guresu 2.0 Gym Shoe

The Guresu 2.0 is the modern workout shoe you need for your next studio class. There’s no denying that this sneaker looks super sleek. This women’s gym shoe is not only modern looking, but it also doubles as a functional shoe for any classes you may take. If you’re a regular at Barre, HIIT, or any other studio-based class, then these kicks are just right for you. Even if you’ve been to a class religiously, you can never really know what’s on the agenda when you first step into the studio. The Guresu 2.0 is durable enough to take on any new movements that may come your way. The flexibility from the neoprene bootie offers complete and total comfort. The best part? These sneakers do not need to be laced up. So, there’s no need to worry if you’re running late for Zumba or you’re in a rush to get home because you can slip in and out of these in no time. These women’s workout shoes strike just the right balance between style and comfort. The Guresu 2.0 sneakers are so chic that you’ll want to rock them both in and out of the studio. 


Guresu 2.0, $80;

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CrossFit® / March 2021
Maureen Quirk, Reebok