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Style / January 2019
Brittany Burke, Reebok

Take A Closer Look At The Brand New Reebok x Victoria Beckham Collection

Combining streetwear and sportswear, the pieces are an elevated take on your traditional athletic wardrobe.

When someone asks you to describe yourself, what’s the first thing you would say? Whether it’s strong, kind, family-oriented, stylish, or the old standby busy, one thing is for certain: there isn’t just one word that could describe you.

The same could definitely be said about Victoria Beckham. She’s a so-many-hyphenates-we-lost-count star who designs pieces with an innate understanding of what it means to want a wardrobe that can keep up with a lifestyle that never slows down. So that’s exactly what she created with the Reebok x Victoria Beckham Spring19 collection.


Reebok Victoria Beckham Foil Jacket, $230; Reebok Victoria Beckham Hoodie, $280;

“I wanted a collection that works with a busy schedule like mine,” she says. “The pieces have the technical ability that I need for the gym, but are simple and adaptable enough to work with my lifestyle.”

Of course, Beckham’s lifestyle demands something elevated in both design and technique. With a keen eye on cut and color, the collection is a deliberate mixture of streetwear and sportswear. The pieces will be the hero pieces in a closet filled with workhorse leggings and tanks, and bring every outfit to the next level.


Reebok Victoria Beckham Cropped Branded Cowl, $250; Reebok Victoria Beckham Jogger, $280; Reebok Victoria Beckham Beanie, $120;

“The idea behind this collection was to mix the relaxed attitude of streetwear with the technical performance of sportswear, whilst staying true to the minimal aesthetic of my brand,” she says. That minimalism comes through in design decisions, as well as color palette: the collection is a mix of black, white, camel, silver and gray, with a signature pop of sunset orange adding a nod to her laid-back Californian spirit.

More than anything, though, Beckham’s goal was to have a collection of pieces that would truly work with people in their real lives, making every single day a little bit easier, and a little more stylish. “Each piece is designed to flex, adapt, and transition for the optimum workout, but it was also important that I created something that is fashion-forward and can blend seamlessly into any wardrobe,” she says. “These pieces can take you from the gym to the office, with the school run in between.”


Reebok Victoria Beckham Seamless Textured Bra, $80; Reebok Victoria Beckham Boyfriend Jogger, $280; Reebok Victoria Beckham Hoodie, $280; Reebok Victoria Beckham Bolton Sock, $300;

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Style / January 2019
Brittany Burke, Reebok