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CrossFit® / June 2019
Jihan Thompson, Contributor

Best Crosstraining Shoes 2019

The perfect shoes for any HIIT, CrossFit, or bootcamp class are right here.

Finding the best crosstrainers can be a challenge. Many sneakers will promise that they can handle different types of workouts, dynamic movements, and even short runs, but do they truly bring the support, stability, and comfort you’ll need when you’re lunging, box jumping, and lifting serious weight? Not all live up to the hype. And not every sneaker is perfect for every exercise. 


What you’ll want to find is a crosstrainer that has the built-in support necessary—from a roomy toe box to midsole support to extra cushioning at the heel—to make sure you’re not only performing at your peak, but that your body is stabilized and secure as you chase your PRs. To avoid injury, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best shoe to match your needs, whether that’s explosive agility or under foot support while weightlifting. And no matter how much you train or what type of training you like to do, if you like workouts that bring variety and surprise, you’ll need crosstrainers that can go the distance and keep you on your toes to the last rep. Here, four of our favorite, top-performing crosstrainers that check every box.


Nano 9 CrossFit Shoes

Reebok Nano 9, $130; 

Calling all CrossFitters! The Nano 9 is the latest in the series of specially designed crosstrainers to handle your WODs, from lunges to box jumps to bench presses. With input directly from the CrossFit community to update the shoe’s design, Reebok has developed the Nano 9 to handle whatever’s on tap for each sweat session. The Nano 9 will give you the comfort and support necessary to feel secure with every step you take around the gym, thanks to its newly engineered Flexweave that outperforms the flexibility of traditional Flexweave.


Not into CrossFit? No worries. These sneakers are perfect for any exercise and can flow seamlessly from your cardio kickboxing to HIIT workouts. Why? The updated light-weave Flexweave upper offers more flexibility to handle dynamic movements. Meanwhile, the additional midsole cushioning will make your sprints far more enjoyable. And since Nano’s aren’t known for being running shoes, this is a huge plus for those who want a shoe that can take you comfortably from short runs to circuits at the gym. The Nano 9’s new technology can do both. And since you’ll also want a crosstrainer that can keep up no matter what direction you’re headed, the redesigned outsole has been split into to two pieces for improved heel-to-toe movement. 


Nano 8 CrossFIt Shoes


CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave, $120;

Since 2010, Reebok has put the Nanos through their paces. Relying on continuous feedback and insights from the CrossFit community, Reebok has made sure the Nano 8 was one of their most versatile and dependable crosstrainers for WODs or any workout class you’d want to take, from a high-intensity circuit to a dance-inspired cardio class. And keep this in mind: The dual density midsole will bring extra cushioning right where you feet need it so you’ll be able to go the distance comfortably.


The goal with the Nano 8: Max comfort with every step, jump, and leap. The re-engineered Flexweave upper provides breathability, stability, and durability, and the added cushioning in the forefoot help keep you comfortable. And when you’re up against a challenging WOD, you’ll be happy to know that the outsole on the Nano 8’s were designed specifically to give you extra grip and security in the box. You’ll be hitting PRs in no time.


Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoes


Reebok Legacy Lifter, $200;

Let’s talk weightlifting. If you find yourself spending more time at the bar (the barbell, that is), you’ll need a crosstrainer that can give you complete support as you lift heavier and heavier weights. The Legacy Lifter was designed to do just that. Created in collaboration with CJ Cummings, who recently became the first weightlifter from any nation to win four (yes, four!) junior world weightlifting titles, this crosstrainer is Reeboks’ most technical weightlifting shoe. The ¾-inch heel height was designed specifically for optimal squat positioning to help keep your knees in alignment. And the adjustable straps give you a customized, locked-in feel so there’s no question that you’re stable with every press. And the grip outsole keeps you grounded while the Exoframe heel adds additional support. The Legacy Lifter truly provides a thoughtfully engineered design from heel to toe that makes sure these crosstrainers are delivering maximum support and comfort. Because the last thing you want to worry about during your lifting sessions is if you’re wearing the best shoes for the job, the Legacy Lifters solve that problem. 


And keep this in mind: It doesn’t matter how much you lift. You want to give your feet the best support possible. So whether you’re just starting out or have been lifting for years, choose a crosstrainer for your lifting days that’ll help you avoid injury and allow you to get the most out of every workout.


JJ II Training Shoes

Reebok JJ II

Reebok JJ II, $100;

Let’s start with the man behind the shoe: J.J. Watt. The Houston Texans defensive end knows a thing or two about sneakers that need to be as versatile as he is on the field. When Reebook teamed up with the NFL star to design a crosstrainer, the JJ’s were born. Engineered to meet the training needs of pro athletes, they’re an excellent training shoe for any athlete or gymgoer, whether you’re powering through a WOD or sweating through a session at your home gym. By providing versatility and key stability through the seamless Flexweave upper and lowcut design, intended for more mobility, quicker transitions, and explosive agility, you’ll see why any athlete would love the JJ’s. Plus, the high-performance outsole delivers impressive traction, while LiquidFoam technology cushions each step. 


There’s also an important mission built into these trainers. Dates on the sock liner memorialize Navy SEALs killed on duty, and the “Never Forget” patch on the tongue is in dedication to Operation Red Wings, a tragic operation in Afghanistan in 2005 in which 19 Navy SEALs were ambushed and killed (and depicted in the film Lone Survivor). You’ll be honoring heroes with every step. 

CrossFit® / June 2019
Jihan Thompson, Contributor