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Style / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok

8 Best Gifts for Sneakerheads and Sneaker Lovers 2019

A roundup of the latest and greatest shoes to get for your sneakerhead friends this holiday season.

Selecting the perfect holiday gift can be a daunting task. It’s such a chaotic and busy time of year that the last thing you want to do is spend hours in line at the mall fighting through crowds. Just in time for the upcoming holidays, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide of must-have kicks for sneakerheads. Sneakerheads may be one of the most difficult types of people to get gifts for as they know everything and anything about what’s on trend. We’ve made it much easier to navigate the current styles by offering countless gift ideas. And what better gift for the sneakerhead in your life than the thing they love the most? 
This guide features classic heritage looks along with funky new shoes with added features and accents. You’ll find something for every kind of sneakerhead in this holiday gift guide. Whether you’re on the hunt for a crisp,simple white leather looks or a bright pops of color, you’ll be able to find the right shoes here. 
We’ve got everything from OG styles that have returned straight out of Reebok’s Archives to brand new, revamped icons. Some of these styles are exact replicas of their original versions. How cool is that? So, whether you know a sneakerhead who keeps it classic or one who isn’t afraid to go bold, the right gift idea for them is here.

Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes 

Anyone with a passion for sneakers will fall in love at first sight with the Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes. Emerging in 1993, this revamp of the OG Aztrek shoe is eye-catching and bold. Reserved for those with unapologetic style that aren’t afraid to be daring, these sneakers make the perfect gift. From an off-road runner to today’s silhouette, these shoes have experienced a major evolution. Ideal for anyone who wants to rock every possible ‘90s trend, these sneakers let you have it all. These shoes have a stacked platform sole that’s even more exaggerated than the Aztrek. Platforms plus bright pops of color equals the perfect combination. They also match with everything- once you put them on, you’ll want to rock them every day. The Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes are a classic with a fresh,modern spin. This makes them a holiday staple for all of the sneakerheads in your life.
Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes, $90;

Aztrek 96 Shoes

The Aztrek 96 Shoes are another updated take on the classic Aztrek style, making them a must gift for the sneakerheads in your life. This shoe is a fresh iteration of the heritage Aztrek design with its more angular shape and added overlays. The original Aztrek was designed to be an off-road runner. The style has evolved to be a  It is constructed with a blend of faux suede and textile for a mixed-texture look. These shoes show off extra attitude thanks to the oversized Vector logos that are embedded into the overlays. This subtle detail gives off an understated yet still bold look. These sneakers come in white and feature burnt red, teal and purple accent hues. A neutral base with bright pops of fun shades makes for the perfect statement making look. The Aztrek 96 Shoes are an excellent gift idea as they will instantly become a staple in any sneakerhead’s rotation.  
Aztrek 96 Shoes, $90;


The EX-O-Fit Hi is an iconic staple shoe for any sneakerhead’s wardrobe. Reebok has taken it back to the basics with this men’s shoe. They feature minimal styling, so the focus is on the classic silhouette of these refined and polished shoes. This mid-cut masterpiece offers foot feel, durability, and comfort. Choose to lock in the ankle strap if you’re looking to feel a little more security when you sport these kicks. These kicks also have low-key branding written in royal blue on the upper. The iconic font is simple and subtle. These shoes are crisp and clean thanks to the soft, full-grain white leather upper. An athleisure essential, these can be worn everyday to give off subtle street style vibes mixed with a hint of nostalgia. The EX-O-Fit Hi are sneakers with a head-turning retro look, making them the perfect gift for sneakerheads.
EX-O-FIT HI, $85;

Fury Millennium 

The Fury Millenium has emerged straight from the Archives for the true old-school fans. These shoes are an exact replica of the 2001 InstaPump Fury Millennium. Why mess with a good thing? Reebok has brought back a heritage style straight from the vault. These sneakers have all the details that made them a standout the first time around. From the metallic sheen to the see-through panels on the sides, these kicks are eye-catching. These shoes are so bold that they will unquestionably be the focal point of any outfit. Iconic Pump technology provides a locked- in feel when sporting these shoes. Combine this with DMX cushioning that adapts to your stride and you’ve got just the right blend of security and comfort. The throwback style of the Fury Millennium will continue to catch every eye on the block, making it a must-have gift for sneakerheads.
Fury Millennium, $149.97;

Daytona DMX Shoes

The Daytona DMX Shoes were inspired by decades past to have you feeling nostalgic. Go with the flow in these ‘00s throwback sneakers that have been designed to be bold. Sneakerheads will love the bright colors of these kicks. Anyone who rocks these will have all attention on them thanks to their eye-catching details. DMXi technology moves air throughout the shoe to ensure maximum comfort. The curvy, aerodynamic lines mirror this feature. Air is moved from heels to the forefront and back again for cushioning throughout the duration of wear. These kicks make the best gift for the on-the-go sneakerhead with an unpredictable schedule. They’re equipped to take on busy days as they not only look cool, but they also keep you comfortable. The Daytona DMX Shoes are an edgy retro style that move with you.
Daytona DMX Shoes, $120;

Workout Plus ATI Shoes

The Workout Plus ATI shoes are a bold spinoff on a timeless classic. The Workout Plus was first released in 1987, and it continues to be relevant today. Show off your true colors in this new version of a classic. The gum sole is one of the most distinctive details on this shoe. We took it up a notch by adding a transparent heel and H-Strap. This allows for the bright logos and branding to shine through and catch the eye. You’ll also be able to notice the soft, full grain leather through these transparent pieces. This adds a classic element that keeps things looking smooth and streamlined. These fitness-inspired shoes also pop thanks to the frosted outsole, which shows off a progressive design. Lace on these kicks if you’re in the mood to be daring, as you’re sure to get noticed when sporting them. The Workout Plus ATI Shoes make the best gift for sneakerheads as they are unapologetically bold.
Workout Plus ATI Shoes, $85;

Answer V Shoes

These high-top shoes bring back the heritage look of Allen Iverson’s 2001 Answer V design. The Answer V shoes are made of soft tumbled white and red leather. They feature pearlized synthetic overlays and a hook-and-loop heel strap. They have authentic details like an Allen Iverson graphic on the sockliner and an Iverson logo to serve as tributes to this icon. These shoes also have a “3” to represent Iverson’s now-retired jersey number. They also feature DMX flow technology. The cushioning moves air from the heel to the forefront and back as you move. So, you can ensure comfort and style when rocking these high-tops. These kicks make the best gift for loved ones who are on-trend and have an appreciation for vintage styles. Sneakerheads who double as basketball fans will swoon over the Answer V Shoes. 
Answer V Shoes, $140;

Club Classic Vector Shoes

The Club Classic Vector Shoes are an everyday street style essential. These kicks will become a staple in any sneakerheads closet. These tennis-style sneakers feature retro details like an iconic Vector logo that comes with a bold pop of color. These sneakers are the perfect blend of daring details that still maintain an understated, minimalist vibe. This makes them ideal for everyday wear. Available in either black or white, both colorways boast bright hues that add interest and catch the eye. They’re also available in a gum sole, which is on-trend and will give off even more vintagey vibes to your look. The Club Classic Vector Shoes are the ultimate in gifts for those who are passionate about sneakers with fearless, yet still refined and classic style.
Club Classic Vector Shoes, $70;
Style / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok