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Running / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok

12 Gifts for the Male Runners in Your Life in 2019

These are the best gifts for the men you know who love to run.

With the holiday season approaching comes family gatherings, fun traditions, and other seasonal festivities. One of the most exciting parts of this time of year is the gift giving. However, it can be tricky to know just what to get for your loved ones. Shopping can sometimes prove to be a daunting and overwhelming task. You want to find something you know that the recipient will love, but it can be hard to know just what someone wants. We’ve taken out the guessing game and compiled the ultimate gift guide for the men in your life who love running. From beanies and gloves to shorts and running tights, we’ve got something for every personality, and every climate!
Check out the holiday gift guide below for running shoes, tops, and everything in between for the runners in your life! We’ve got all the gift ideas you could possibly need so that you can check off your shopping list with ease. This foolproof guide makes it simple to see which men’s running gift if right for whatever occasion may come your way! Get gifting with this roundup of the best running gifts for him!

Boston Track Club Short Tights

The Boston Track Club Short Tights are ideal for warm weather running. The perfect gift for the male runner from a hotter climate, these shorts allow for distraction-free movement. When you slip into them, you’ll notice the moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry. The shorts also feature reflective details to add visibility and keep you safe on your next venture outside. Stay comfy even when the temperature rises in the Boston Track Club Short Tights.
Boston Track Club Short Tights, $35; 

One Series Running ActivChill Tee

Keep it cool on your next jog in the One Series Running ActivChill Tee. From steep hills to long distances, get ready to tackle whatever comes your way in this running t-shirt. This shirt has been made with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that helps you stay cool and dry in any weather. You can move without restriction thanks to the stretchiness of this top. The slim-fit design is foolproof so you can throw it on and focus on your workout. Choose to stay classic in Heritage Navy or be bold in Rebel Red. Both feature a modern graphic print that is minimal, but eye-catching. This t-shirt makes this the perfect men’s running gift. 
One Series Running ActivChill Tee, $35;

Boston Track Club 3-Inch Shorts

Know any runners who have recently been upping the intensity on their workouts? These running shorts are perfect for anyone looking to take their training to the next level. Whether you like morning jogs or interval training in the evening, these shorts will help you perform faster and add miles to your routine. These running shorts feature a slim, streamlined feel. With a 3-inch inseam, you won’t be distracted by any extra fabric. The fabric of these shorts have been designed to pull sweat away from your body. Another added bonus? These running shorts also offer added visibility even in low light due to the reflective details. So stay safe and pick up your pace in the Boston Track Club 3-Inch Shorts. These shorts are the ultimate gift for male runners and are ideal for anyone who’s serious about their training.
Boston Track Club 3-Inch Shorts, $35;

Reebok CrossFit Myoknit ¾ Tights

This base layer is just as soft as your favorite tee. Say goodbye to ill-fitting tights- this pair has got your covered when it comes to comfort. These men’s training tights will be your next staple. They are made of seamless knit fabric that helps eliminate chafing and irritation. Nobody wants to worry about adjusting your outfit on a run, and these tights ensure you can keep your mind on the trail. These men’s running tights were built with stretch to provide you with a full range of motion. They’ll hug your body thanks to the compression fit, allowing you to move without distraction. These tights are not only great for running- they also double as the perfect tights for your cross-training needs. So, sport these on your next run or when you’re hitting the gym. Whatever your workout plan is for the day, these men’s running rights have got you covered.
Reebok CrossFit Myoknit ¾ Tights, $70;

Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Tee

On days when the temps are cooler, this long-sleeved running t-shirt is just what you need. The ideal gift for male runners, this Cold Grey and Black tee is sleek and modern. Soft comfort meets effortless stretch in this top. You’ll have a distraction-free fit and full freedom of movement due to the seamless knit fabric of this men’s running t-shirt. This top also features Speedwick technology that wicks sweat away from your skin, so you’ll stay cool on your longer runs. You’ll even get added ventilation from the knit-in mesh panels throughout the shirt. You can keep cool even when you turn up the intensity of your workout. It can be worn for any kind or training when you’re looking for a running t-shirt that’s slim-fitting, but still offers a little extra coverage. The Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Tee is the ultimate running gift for him.
Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Tee, $65;

Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Shorts

Are you going for an effortless, uncontrived look with your workout gear? Keep your look cool in these training shorts, which are the optimal runner gift for him. They make max effort look just a little more comfortable. So, even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit, you’ll still look amazing in these running shorts. The Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Shorts are a great gift idea for those who are looking for breathability during their runs. The seamless knit jersey fabric of these shorts gives you a soft feel as you’re powering through your jogs. They are slim-fit and feature an elastic waist that stays put. So, if you’re upping the tempo and throwing in a sprint, or even doing some cross-training, these shorts have got you covered. Be confident in the Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Shorts- they’re the foolproof gift for the male runners in your life.
Reebok CrossFit Myoknit Shorts, $75;

Reebok Floatride Run Fast

The Reebok Floatride Run Fast are running shoes designed for seasonal workouts. Plush and lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re running on clouds when you lace on these sneaks. Created to take on high-performance runs, you’ll find yourself cruising to the finish line in these kicks. They have been engineered to keep you comfortable throughout the duration of your run. Nothing will weigh you down when you’re sporting these running shoes. Get the Reebok Floatride Run Fast sneakers in the White, Cobalt, and Skull Grey combination if you’re looking for a crisp look with a bold pop of color. 
Reebok Floatride Run Fast, $140;

Reebok Floatride Run Fast 

The Gray colorway of the Reebok Floatride Run Fast is just the right modern shade for runners with streamlined style. These running shoes cushion your feet, but also keep things incredibly lightweight. Floatride Foam is responsive to your movements, so every stride you take is fully supported. These sneakers have been designed to reduce irritation, friction, and anything else that could bring you down on your next run. The Floatride Run Fast Shoes were engineered for long distance runs. Pick these up for your speedy friend who is training for their next Marathon or Half Marathon. They make the best gift for male runners who want to be confident that they have a solid, supportive shoe.
Reebok Floatride Run Fast, $140; 

Running Beanie

This Running Beanie will keep you warm when temps start to dip. This is an excellent gift for male runners as it is a one-size-fits-most beanie, so you simply can’t go wrong when selecting it. The men in your life who love to run will be so excited to receive this since it is the epitome of comfort. You can shrug off chilly weather due to the extra-soft interior. The fabric maintains warmth, but also wicks away any excess moisture. Enhance your visibility and stay safe during early morning jogs when light is low thanks to reflective details throughout the beanie. The ergonomic design keeps your ears covered, allowing you to direct your focus on your running route. Pick up this Running Beanie if you’re on the hunt for just the right gift for him.
Running Beanie, $20;

Running Gloves

These lightweight Running Gloves will get your through colder seasons. There’s no need to change your training routine as things cool down-just make sure you have the right gear. An excellent staple men’s running gift, these gloves will help you power through your workout. They are made of soft and breathable fabric to offer a snug, comfortable fit. The ribbed cuffs are another added layer of protection against the outside elements. These black gloves are great for anyone residing in a colder climate that needs to keep their hands warm as temperatures drop. The Running Gloves are an essential gift for male runners.
Running Gloves, $30;

Floatride Run 2.0 Shoes

The Floatride Run 2.0 Shoes are a staple for everyday training, making them the perfect gift for all of the male runners in your life. Designed for day-to-day training, you can log countless miles in these sneakers. They’ll deliver a responsive ride for all of your distance running needs. The right running shoes are essential to maintain proper form and reduce injury, so make the men in your life happy by gifting them this pair of kicks. 
Floatride Run 2.0 Shoes, $150;

Running Essentials 5-Inch Shorts

The Running Essentials 5-Inch Shorts were designed for those looking to up the intensity on the track or trail. Whether you go with classic Black or Heritage Navy, these shorts will unquestionably become a staple in your running wardrobe. These running shorts feature sweat-wicking fabric to help pull any moisture away from the skin. This fabric helps you stay focused on your run, distraction-free. This pair of running shorts also boast a drawcord-adjustable waist. This provides a reliable fit. You’ll also find reflective accents throughout the shorts, so you can stay safe even on runs with low visibility. Safety meets function in the Running Essentials 5-Inch Shorts, making them the ideal gift for male runners who are intensifying their training. 
Running Essentials 5-Inch Shorts, $35;
Running / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok