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Style / October 2019
Danielle Rines, Reebok

Gigi Hadid’s New Reebok Collection is Here

The supermodel explains how her childhood memories of spending time outdoors inspired the collection and how the Reebok Archive played a role in the designs.

International supermodel and style icon Gigi Hadid may spend a lot of her time inside at photoshoots or on runways but when she has spare time, she tries to spend it outdoors.
Since she was young Hadid was someone who enjoyed nature. As a previously nationally ranked horseback rider and captain of her high school volleyball team, being active is part of who she is. Her Instagram is filled with throwback photos of her spending time with her family with their horses, at the beach or sunset photos on the water with the caption “out of office/off the grid.”
That’s why when it came time to create her latest collection with Reebok her inspiration was easy to find.
“My season two collection was inspired by how much time I spent outdoors growing up,” she says. “This collection is meant to provide support and work with you in all temperatures and environments.”
The collection blends function with style and goes beyond just the outdoors; it’s meant for those who are looking to blaze their own trail. Hadid’s fearless attitude and boundless energy is what allows her to push herself to explore, experience new things and never settle. 
Gigi Hadid’s passion and ability to push herself to do more than what’s expected of her is what’s gotten her to where she is today. She continues to forge her own path forward, proving that a lot of the limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. She uses her time when she’s not working to connect back with nature and remind herself of all the possibilities.
“Boundless to me is the feeling of nature - being able to breathe and look at the sky and feel limitless.” 
In creating the collection, she also gave a nod to Reebok’s heritage using the Reebok Archive to help set the tone. The color scheme includes a desert khaki and sky blue with classic white and black to balance it out.
“I was drawn to a vintage Reebok collection from their archives. The colors are amazing in this collection and can truly be worn year round.”
The designs in the new collection show off Hadid’s personality and fashion-forward style. There’s a new DMX 2k Zip sneaker, co-ord tracksuits, convertible vests, and one-shoulder bras to allow anyone who wears them to feel like their next adventure is around the corner and they’re ready for it. It’s about being wild and feeling free and open to whatever comes next. 
“Everything about the outdoors inspires me: the light, the colors, the energy, the complexity. When you find what makes you feel free, then you can really do anything.”
Style / October 2019
Danielle Rines, Reebok