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Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor

#LiftUpMyTrainer Spotlight

Reebok celebrates the trainers that help us reach our goals. While you’ve been hunkered down and need to sweat, Nichola Smiles has been just a click away. We say thank you with a spotlight here.

Name: Nichola Smiles
Who are you in 90 characters or less? Mom, Engineer, Les Mills Athlete & Fitness Lover

Social Handles and/or Website: Instagram: @fittersmiles, Facebook: Fitter Smiles
Why do you teach/train? 
I am truly passionate about inspiring happiness through fitness. In the beginning, my journey was a selfish journey to lose weight and be “summer body” ready. But my journey changed to a selfless journey when I became an instructor. It is important to be impactful to every participant that walks into my classroom.  I know for most of my participants, my classes are not always about meeting a fitness milestone. I have witnessed firsthand that it can be a source of therapy or an escape from life’s biggest challenges. I teach because I know it is important to always show up to bring them a little bit of joy….and sweat.

What classes do you normally teach / what is your training expertise? 
I teach Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT, and Les Mills GRIT. 
How have you adapted your business to still inspire people at home?
I have built a strong family/community in all the classes that during this time I regularly check in on my “CREW” in our private Facebook group. I want to make sure they are still moving. I share fitness challenges with them and in return they post videos of themselves completing the challenges.  We have even connected by meeting up for virtual brunches.  

What advice would you give to other fitness professionals to get through these times?
To maintain a positive attitude as much as you can. This crazy time is temporary, and the fitness industry WILL come out better from this. I believe people have realized how they have taken movement and connection for granted.  People will want help to move more and better after this lockdown.  

How can fitness professionals lift each other up right now?  
Think of this time of an involuntary moment to pause to connect with your fitness community. Support one another by regular checking with your fit friends. 

What is your favorite non-fitness outlet to cope with the current stress of the world? 
I am unapologetically a person who loves to knit. It’s therapeutic. Plus, I am super proud to wear something I made.  And I also like wine…shhhhh.

How are you giving yourself #permissiontopause? 
I am using this time to do virtual classes that I did not have time to take before. I am using the time to stretch more because I needed it.
Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor