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Style / March 2021
Lauren Levinson, Reebok Contributor

The Best Dance-From-Home Workout Looks

Whether you’re grooving in hip hop class or breaking a sweat doing dance cardio, these outfits will make sure you stand out in the Zoom room.

Before everyone was living, working and exercising at home, getting dressed for a dance cardio class meant sleek leggings and fresh kicks. (Those studio walls are often wrapped with mirrors, so of course you want to look amazing from every angle.) If you’re dancing from your living room these days, you probably don’t have wall-to-wall mirrors but style still matters. Not only will pro looks give you confidence in your moves, but wearing the right workout clothes can actually help you move better, whether you’re gasping for air in dance cardio or mellowing out with a jazz class.
If you’re searching for new combinations of threads, accessories and sneakers to match your mood and movement, check out these five looks. 

True Hip-Hop

For a traditional hip-hop dance class, you’ll need clothes that you feel swaggy in. Start with a tie-dye print T-shirt that has a ’90s jam vibe and cropped silhouette that allows you to show off those body rolls. Pair it with easy crop pants for a casual street look and use the shorter length to showcase your crisp throwback hi-top shoes. The kicks are super cushion-y thanks to an EVA midsole and terrycloth lining. Top it all off with an on-trend baseball cap in grey, and you’re music-video ready. (PS: When styling long hair with a hat, try tight pigtail braids or loop a sporty ponytail through the back clasp. If you’re able to dance with your hair down, go for it.)

Lyrical Hip-Hop

Before you spend an hour perfecting your dynamic moves, try this look: An (almost) all-black outfit is sleek and sophisticated and works great for lyrical or Broadway hip-hop style classes. First, show off your toned shoulders and arms with a fitted crop top featuring an accent like a bright zipper. (If you’d rather cover your stomach, layer it over a solid color bodysuit.) Contrast the contoured top with loose-fitting track pants. The drawstring waist means you can wear them as high or low-slung as you want. Finish your look with super-comfortable shoes that are flexible enough for you to point your toes. The pops of blue and hot pink tie this look together.

Cardio Dance

When you’re mastering the moves of a cardio dance class, less is definitely more. Strip down to a form-fitting leotard that looks sleek and stays in place during donkey kicks or crunches. The subtle sheen of the fabric lends a nod to old-school cardio classes. (If you’re working out somewhere with strong AC or just like to feel cozy from the start, warm up in a fleece-lined oversized hoodie.) Pair the minimalist ensemble with kicks that add a pop of color. 

Lyrical Jazz

Literally put some pep in your step with this colorful outfit. The combination of a fluid top and fitted bottoms works well with smooth, strong movements. Choose a tank top with moisture-wicking fabric to keep your body cool, and tie the side for a trendy asymmetrical look. Skip the classic black dance leggings and mix things up with grey seamless tights (bonus: the high waist helps hold everything in place). And of course, you need shoes that look as good as they feel: These multi-hued sneakers are designed with breathable mesh and a foam insole that makes jumping and turning extra-comfortable.

Modern Dance

To complement the liquid-y movements of a modern dance class, you want an outfit with flow. Start by layering a soft sweatshirt over a strappy bra. The deep V-neck of the pullover shows off a pop of the bra’s geometric print. Once you’re feeling warmed up, toss the sweatshirt—the bra’s double straps provide support for all types of intense moves. Offset your top with these billowy wide leg pants and finish the look with Instagram-worthy shoes in a lilac color. The mesh texture and flexibility of the kicks make it easy to turn and twist, along with more intricate foot movements.

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Style / March 2021
Lauren Levinson, Reebok Contributor