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Style / September 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor

Six New Ways to Nail Neutrals

No boring beige here—get in on all the freshest ways to dress in desert hues this season.

In a time when you’re craving the brightest, boldest, logo-est fashion fun you can get, entertaining the idea of neutrals as a trend may seem like a stretch. Given the choice between sartorial vanilla or rainbow swirl with extra sprinkles, you’re pretty sure which one you’d pick. But 2020’s neutrals aren’t like that. They take their cue from streetwear, bringing an emboldened attitude that’s elevated, chic and way more playful than previous beige-on-beige trends. New imaginings of dusted pinks, muted oranges and dove greys add diversity to the neutral palette, and these hues are perfect to upgrade your workout look or add some curated effortlessness to your downtime vibe. 
Just because the palette is neutral doesn’t mean you can’t add some big energy to your styling, too. Head-to-toe may be the more classic way to work the trend, but pairing a neutral base with a pop of print or color lets you nail several trends in one. Just add accessories to bring out the glam potential in these understated pieces.
The best bit about neutrals: They’re timeless, season-proof and universally flattering, making them a worthwhile investment for many years to come. Check out these tips for how to pull off the look.


Kicking off with the most dedicated iteration in the neutrals fashion trend playbook, go all in with a totally tonal look. With Victoria Beckham’s cool blown-out oversized hoodie worn over figure-hugging seamless tights, it’s all about the minimalist-chic approach. Complete this style with complementary-hued high tops for the ultimate neutral statement. 

Graphic Edge

Neutrals make an ideal canvas for highlighting graphic elements, including eye-catching prints, geometric patterns and structural details. Inject an edge into your look by teaming these grey workout-ready vector detail leggings with a bra top featuring contrasting straps. Top the outfit with a studio jacket for additional graphic lines and finish with sneakers that riff on the architectural vibe, like these VB Bolton leather shoes. Add gold hoop earrings and a neutral lip gloss to take it from workout to going-out. 

Color Deets

For the neutral-adverse, the best way to ease into this trend without fully committing to its understated chill is by using beige as a base to dress up your favorite pop of color. Start with the soft, pale wash of these classic pocket pants, then pick up on their vibrant detailing with a colorful racer bra. (If you want more coverage, throw a classic zip-front windbreaker on top and leave it unzipped so the bright bra peeks out.) Follow through with the sneaks—any of the Classic Leather Legacy  shoes are perfect for adding colorful accents. 

Understated Print 

There’s no reason prints can’t be neutrals, too. This quietly cool VB military jacket gives all the muted camo feels. Pull out one tone from the print and match it with a solid-color sweats, like these light-sand studio joggers. Depending on your footwear preferences, go for a statement-making, clashing-camo style or play it more subtle with Club C Double shoes that feature just a sliver of cheetah print in complementing tonal hues. 

Mix in Metallics

Bring a little glam to neutral territory this season by mixing in a metallic edge. If your preference is for cooler neutrals such as whites and greys, opt for silver instead. Team this zip cropped tank with wide leg pants  and go all-out with your favorite Club C silver sneaks for that extra wow factor. For warmer neutrals such as beiges, creams or even pale pinks, try adding in gold elements to bring some muted bling to your look. If metallics aren’t your thing, swap in a high-shine piece, like these high-rise leggings, for a similar effect.


The neutrals trend lends itself perfectly to layering. Experiment with tonal families (dress in all beiges, greys, pinks or off-whites) or try a mix-and-match situation—whatever works for you. Extra style points if an individual garment contains multiple neutrals within it, too. Start with a muted bra top under an understated tank, peeping out of a half-zipped cropped track jacket. Pair with these glass pink washed pants. For winter, add a long jacket or coat in a pared-down hue. Complete the look with the Classic Harmon Run Ripple shoes in glass pink and white or the Classic Nylon in white and light grey. 
There are endless ways to style neutrals. You can give any of the approaches here a fresh spin by swapping out the shoes and exploring our line-up of iconic sneakers instead.

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Style / September 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor