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Style / December 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor

Metallics for the Style Win

It’s time to get your shine on with this season’s new take on gold, silver and bronze.

While the average winter wardrobe may bring its share of muted and low-key hues, this year demands something extra. Defying the drabness and stepping into the spotlight this season, metallics make their case for a whole new winning attitude, offering the glamorous colors of eveningwear but cut with the new comfort-centric, athleisure-loving fit. From gilded gold to deliciously disco-a-go-go silver, this season’s looks come in solid, sheer, holographic and high-shine. Retro elements may play a role, but these metallics carry you energetically into the future.
Every hero needs her foil, and this year’s totally fresh take on winter whites provide the necessary contrast to let your metallics shine. Less about neutral and more about a moment, these hi-vis whites are multi-dimensional, hyper-exposed hues, stealing the thunder when mixed with darker tones and igniting metallics with serious luminosity. 
Whether you rock heavy metals or are more in it for the sparkle, there’s a mirror-shine metallic element to suit all this season. Start with these looks.

Pure Gold

If fashion is all about escapism, the fastest way to fulfill your fantasy is by dousing your look in some serious gold. No longer about the after-hours, this season’s precious-metal hue demands to be seen by day. Be bold and bring all the bling with these gold leggings—a chic look for a night out and comfortable fit during your workout. Double down on bravery with a tonally contrasted golden sneak such as these foil-effect Club C Double shoes, or grab some attention with some puzzled purple bike shorts.
If you err more on the side of subtle, pick just one gold piece and pair with a winter white, black or navy to really let the bling sing. For more universal appeal, you can’t go wrong lacing up the Classics shoe dipped in a shimmering, statement gold. As a rule, gold goes great with black. Aside from that, it pairs well with warmer tones: anything cream, beige or tan, as well as more overt yellows and oranges (yes, really). If you’re feeling extra-extra, work it with a pop of leopard print, too.

Silver Shimmer

Reach for the style stars and mix shimmering silvered hues into your look. Surprisingly versatile, silver often works best when treated as more of a neutral than its statement sister, gold. Silver can be styled in all manner of creative ways, from tonal-twinning with gray to adding frosting on top of cooler hues. If you’re feeling more stylistically adventurous, it’s the perfect pairing for brights, too. 
Long story short, there’s really no shade silver doesn’t work with—even neons. And, what better way to let your style sparks fly this chilly season than in this studio puffer? It’s the ultimate antidote to mundane, sensible winter coats and perfect for topping your workout gear or a party look. If you’re seeking for a more low-key option, try teaming this track jacket with these VB Dual Court high tops to create just the right balance of notice-me and neutral vibes all rolled into one. (Extra points if you top the whole thing with the puffer.) For other trending shoe options, you can’t go wrong with Reebok Premier shoes, featuring matte silver detailing, or these Minion Question shoes with their lime green edging. Perfect for a pop of fun, frosted bling.

Light Speed

If white is the traditional color of purity and snow, this season, it’s also the color of cool. Bringing its very own brand of incandescence to the athleisure landscape, these moon dust and alabaster hues can be layered with each other to create a fun, optical effect. It doesn’t have to be all about solids either: Mesh, sheer panels and textures really make winter layering a little more eye-catching. 
Let your go-to for this look be the High-Rise Shiny Leggings with their shimmering ribbed jacquard that provide a reflective glow. Put a new spin on sets for the season by matching it with its jacket twin, and complete the ensemble by adding in the Classic Nylon sneakers. (Other stellar options include the matte silver Club C Double shoe and Zig Kinetic Horizon sneakers, which mix and match both texture and tone.) 

Mixed Metals

Much like jewelry, when it comes to mixing metallic apparel these days there really are no rules. It’s all about wearing what you feel is most you. It’s perfectly fine to team a silver puffer with gold kicks, and bronze leggings with a silver tank. If it works for you, it works. Of course, you can always try a colored metal such as this meteorite-hued bra top. Whatever way you cut it, the metallic moment is major this season—and it’s enough of a look you’ll probably be wearing it a while into the future.

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Style / December 2020
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor