Style / March 2021
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor

4 Ways to Celebrate Your Quirky Cool Style

Why blend in when you can stand out? Make a statement all your own with Zig Kinetica II sneakers that steal the show, no matter what else you’re wearing.

There’s nothing wrong with quiet neutrals and basic black—but sometimes, you want…more. You want exceptional, not average; memorable, not just ordinary. This is your season, then: a fashion moment that’s all about upping the ante with quirky cool shoes that bring something extra to every outfit. There’s really no need to blend in right now, especially when you can make a statement with a mood that’s high-vibe and amplified-energy.
Your style, your way—taking a beloved silhouette and injecting it with all the optimism and joie de vivre is the jam right now. Find your vibe and wear it proud with quirky cool shoes that suit your every look.

Low-Key Quirky Cool

For style that’s synonymous with understated nonchalance, look to these Zig Kinetica II’s, featuring a subtle yet striking mix of core black, cold grey and neon mint. What you can’t see (but totally feel) are the multiple support zones and lightweight cushioning that give you confidence with every step. Ever the trendsetter, you’ll find your sweet spot in the quality and technical specs of these sneakers. Bring that effortlessly cool vibe to the rest of your outfit, starting with these forest green high-rise leggings and a Les Mills hoodie. Play to your tonal strengths and top it all off with a shiny woven jacket for extra mood. 

Work-To-Workout Quirky Cool

As an athleisure lover, your day is all about activity, energy and game on. The lines between workout and work are blurred and so is your sneaker style, allowing you to toggle seamlessly between two worlds. You want bold for streets—but not too loud for the office. As if hearing your call, this Zig Kinetica II blends its boulder grey upper with waves of dark orchid, then seals the deal with classic white soles. Plus, these high-tech shoes are built with a Zig Energy Shell that surrounds the midsole foam, allowing the energy you put into every stride to be returned for maximum efficiency. Dressed up or down, these chameleons are the ones to call when your outfit needs to hit every note. Pair them with grey Modern Safari leggings for work/workout crossover appeal then bring the color with a skinny bra in orange flare and burnout tank top in purple on top. 

Fashion-Forward Quirky Cool

Your workouts are an event, and you look to the most directional, runway-inspired pieces to dress the part—starting with your sneakers. The sharp and sleek Zig Kinetica II shoes take a style-first approach with their core black, cold grey and energy glow color palette. Featuring the sneaker’s famed zigzag midsole, these kicks embrace your quirky cool side with a big splash of sartorial sophistication. Elevate your outfit to meet them where they’re at with high-rise leggings paired with a statement top, such as this retro oversize hoodie. If you’re well-stocked with leggings, skirt the issue with a convertible skirt that doubles as a short dress – a look that is as comfortable as it is sharp. Top it with a soft-hued crop to really stamp your style mark.

High-Octane Quirky Cool

Ever the disruptor and always the innovator, you are a true style extrovert in search of a quirky cool vibe. Meeting you under your notice-me umbrella, these green, neon mint and true grey Zig Kinetica IIs pack the punch you’re looking for. These Zigs are way more than eye candy: Their Energy Band outsole expands and snaps back with each stride, giving extra-everything to every step you take. Pair these bravely optimistic shoes with a dopamine dressing approach, including the megawatt hues offered by Cardi B. Boost your mood for the season by going all in on oversized wide-leg pants and a neon mint mesh back tank, then add a little clash and coverage with the Classics MISBHV bra top in purple. Complete your outfit with a Wonder Woman track jacket with its sheer detailing for extra effect.

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Style / March 2021
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor