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Experts / June 2021
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial

What Your Energy Says About You

An aura reader shares how your energy changes as you grow and why it’s important to reconnect with yourself.

Sometimes when you meet someone you can actually feel their energy. There’s something about their presence that instantly makes you feel a certain way. But did you also know that you can see energy? An aura is as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy. The colors of your aura can be seen and interpreted by an aura reader or through a specialized camera. The energy you give off is palpable enough that it expels different color vibrations from your body and can teach you a whole host of things about yourself. 
“Your aura is an extension of who you are,” says Auragami, co-founder Genevieve Leiding. “Our auras are connected to our chakras, which reflect our individual state of consciousness. The colors of our aura offer enlightenment about the quality of our consciousness including the state of one’s emotions, thoughts, abilities and vital energies.”
There’s so much that can be learned from our energy levels if we take the time to really tune into ourselves and reconnect. We take a deeper dive into what your energy says about you and how to harness it.

Aura Reading

You can’t talk about aura readings without understanding what it’s like to give one. “It allows me to experience energy that I might not have come across naturally,” says Leiding. “Every reading is an opportunity to add knowledge to my own database. As I experience more energy, I become more familiar with each vibration.” She says she always stays neutral and open minded so she can continue to learn.
There are two types of readings, an aura portrait interpretation or a clairvoyant aura reading. For the portraits, Leiding has an aura camera with hand sensors that measure electromagnetic energy fields using biodata feedback measurements. The measurements match the vibrations to colors, and they come out as double exposure on film. Clairvoyant readings are more intimate where each layer of your aura is read. “We communicate with you as spirit so that you may gain awareness and release energy that is not serving you which will allow your energy to flow.”
As you constantly change and grow, your aura changes too. “The aura is flexible, it changes size, colors, texture and density, but how often it changes depends on each individual and on your state of mind and what you are experiencing in life.” The more in tune we are with ourselves the more balanced we can become.
Reebok believes in the power of energy and reconnecting with your body to reflect and reset. The average person will spend a total of 34 years looking at screens or devices. The more we take time out to really know ourselves, our energy will flourish. Reebok’s recently released Zig Kinetica II silhouette is centered around creating new energy. It has an evolved Energy System that has a shell that channels and returns kinetic energy to your stride. 

Color Interpretations

While your footwear can help you tap into your energy, learning about the colors of your aura beyond just the colors of the rainbow you learned in school, can also prove useful. The colors of your aura each have a specific shade and meaning assigned to them. “The colors of the aura can have very complex meanings because they are all different depending upon the location of the color for each individual,” says Leiding. “For example, when you get Red on your masculine side (right side of the body, picture left), it shows that you’re hard working and action oriented. If the Red appears on your feminine side (left side of the body, picture right), it could represent passion and a deep focused love.”
Aura colors and what they represent:
• Red (courage, passion, desire)
• Pink (love, sincerity, friendship)
• Magenta (individualist, free-spirited, stimulation)
• Orange (creativity, warmth, inspiring)
• Yellow (joyful, bright, cheerful)
• Green (patience, firmness, perseverance)
• Blue (devotion, trusting, empathetic)
• Turquoise (communicative, multi-tasker, truthful)
• Violet (magical, original, playful)
• White (spiritual, pure, honest)
You can also impact how your aura colors come through by staying grounded and aware. “You can keep your aura in a naturally positive space by bringing awareness to your thoughts, emotions and ideas. Becoming more aware of your energy means that you can determine when a particular path is right for you.”

Understanding Your Energy

We all have a kinetic power in each of us with the way our body moves. “Consciously caring for your aura is vital to your emotional and physical body. The more that you cleanse foreign energy from your space, the easier it is for you to be your true authentic self. This can help you in seeing which will help you make decisions easier, hear your body and mind clearly, and get you closer to your own information.”
Some ways understanding your aura can help you:
• Understand your energy field
• Identify any disturbances, leaks, holes or energy that’s not yours
• Learn to understand your mental make-up
• Assess your emotions and thoughts
• Gain deeper insight into your personality and inner self
• Know how strong you are by the vibrancy of your auric field
• Gauge your influence over others by the width of your aura field
• Reveal the inner secrets which may also be hidden to you
Leiding says the more tapped into our aura we are, the more information you can bring into your body to process and move forward. “A healthy aura can act as a protective field for your personal space. When the aura is charged up and bright with vital energy, personal troubles tend to “slide” right off of it, leaving more room for you to create what you truly desire.” As we shift our energy and keep our auras charged, we can live our healthiest and most authentic lives. Stay energized and stay focused on what makes you feel good and the rest will follow. Need some inspiration? Create new energy with new kicks.
Experts / June 2021
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial