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Experts / September 2021
Gabrielle Peterson, Reebok Contributor

Workout Selfie Do’s & Don’ts

Reebok Trainer Kenta Seki shares tips on how to take the best workout selfie.

Have you ever finished a killer workout and wanted to share your accomplishments but weren’t sure how? Meet the workout selfie. Workout selfies are all about embracing both health and happiness, and capturing the right one can leave you feeling proud of the hard work you’ve put in. Whether you’re by the gym mirrors, doing your favorite at home class, or out on the trail for a run, Reebok trainer and selfie pro Kenta Seki has some helpful do’s and don’ts to you get in the zone and snap that perfect (sweaty) picture. 


First think about WHY you’re taking the selfie to begin with. How are you feeling or what message are you trying to convey? How do you want to capture it?



Where do you want to take your selfie? Think about the background. If there’s a mirror around, maybe try taking a mirror selfie.


What are you wearing and what’s the best way to show it off? Wearing your favorite outfit can give you an extra boost of confidence.


Lighting is MAJOR! Most of the time it’s best to have the lighting directly in front of you, or off to the side. Overhead or rear lighting can cause shadows that aren’t always ideal.  


Keep it natural! Be confident and don’t overthink it. Try different poses and facial expressions that match the feeling you want to capture. Take a bunch of selfies and make your selections after.
For the best way to show off your set-up, “Really think about the best angle to highlight your gear and yourself. Play with a low, medium and high angle. Have fun and be creative” says Seki. “Taking sweaty selfies can be a great way to reinforce and motivate you to be more consistent with your workouts.” While these sweaty selfies are all about the accomplishments, there are a few important things avoid when taking them.

Respect Privacy

Try to avoid including strangers in the background. Be polite and respect other people’s privacy. Chances are, they don’t want to be featured in your selfie – especially in locker rooms.

Mind The Background

Make sure the background is clean of anything unappealing. If you’re in the bathroom, try not to include toilets or urinals in the shot.

Make it Quick

Don’t hold up equipment for a photoshoot. It’s important to remain respectful of the space around you.

Keep it Real

It’s okay to be a little messy! Don’t be too glammed up, and don’t over-edit the photo.
“I took this selfie a few days ago. I like it because when I took it, I was feeling healthy and happy. Plus, I loved that the gym was empty, and bonus points for the good lighting and comfortable Reebok outfit” says Seki. “It’s good to capture moments, especially when you feel good! And don’t you feel great after you work out?”
Ready to show off your hard work? Share your best workout selfie and tag @reebok on social or upload here.
Experts / September 2021
Gabrielle Peterson, Reebok Contributor