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Style / September 2021
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor

What’s Your Style Flavor?

How you dress is a matter of taste—in more ways than one. Discover the ingredients you need to create a deliciously unique look now.

Fashion is all about the feels. It’s a multi-sensory experience that stimulates emotion, memory and connection. Every garment or shoe tells a story, and when added into your wardrobe it becomes part of your own unique narrative. Think of your style as a window to your mindset—a recipe if you like, whereby mixing your favorite fashion flavors and ingredients you can create a look that matches your mood. 
If you’re ready to inject some new flavors into your mix, look to this delicious and thrillingly unexpected collaboration with the iconic recipe-makers at Jelly Belly. “Sneakers are a blank canvas just screaming for unique colorways that express an individual’s personality,” says Rob Swaigen, VP of Global Marketing at Jelly Belly. The result: Mouthwatering combinations that spark confidence and joy, whether bold and juicy or more subtle and delicate. Whatever your preference, find your flavor with this season’s ultimate foot candy.

Do Daring

If you’re an intrepid thrill-seeker who likes to jump in feet first, these are the kicks for you. In the world of Jelly Belly jelly beans, BeanBoozled is a cult favorite: a two-in-one flavor split between weird tastes like liver & onions and delicious ones like cappuccino. In the world of sneaker style, BeanBoozled is an edgy update on the classic Club C Legacy silhouette (complete with IFYKYK attitude and a caution tape motif). “These sneakers appeal to the adventurer and risk-taker,” explains Swaigen. “With BeanBoozled beans you never know what flavor you’re going to get and you have to have a wild side to take the risk. Are you brave enough?” 
A shoe that packs such a serious punch deserves an equally fierce ensemble. Riff off the delicious dichotomy of wild and yummy with a strong block color bicycle short to break up the eye extravaganza, then crank the volume up with a loud, printed sports bra under a statement tank top with a major motif.

Bright Idea

Embrace your brightest side ever with a cocktail of vivid color. The Instapump Fury is the perfect canvas for an explosion of Jelly Belly colors with the sneaker’s iconic features set ablaze in a rainbow of popping shades. “You can’t miss this one,” says Swaigen. “It isn’t for the wallflowers out there.” Be anything but a shrinking violet in a look that’s head-to-toe hues by adding organic cotton leggings in midnight pine and a vibrant workout-ready sports bra with a tie-dye tee in tangy, swirling orange. 

Classic Cool

For a moment of calm in all the cacophony of color, where better to land than the classic Club C Revenge. Striking in its simplicity, the subtle statement sneaker is one every style mood can get behind. “It's a vintage-inspired shoe with a sweet design and the wearer is cool, calm and confident,” says Swaigen. Taking its palette from some of Jelly Belly’s most iconic beans, including caramel corn, chocolate pudding, strawberry daiquiri and blueberry, the signature box-fresh edge shines through. Keep the rest of your look crisp and minimal to let the shoe stand out: Cropped pants in a relaxed fabric help the sneaker’s color accents pop; add a hint of hue with a cropped tee in frost berry and finish it off with a cozy quarter-zip cream-colored top. The clean lines and minimalist vibes will complete the look with a contemporary tonal twist.

The Everything Effect

If you like a little (or a lot) of everything—or if “anything goes” is the best way to describe your style attitude—then the Classic Leather Legacy is all you. This ecstatically optimistic shoe has all the vibes of a vintage sneaker reimagined in a joyfully vivacious palette. “This shoe represents the full spectrum of Jelly Belly jelly beans and colors. This wearer cannot be put in a box,” Swaigen says. “They are full of surprises and spontaneity, living life to the fullest.” 
Meet that joie de vivre mindset with the rest of your look, splashing some prints into your leggings, and going in on logos with a classic tee—tied in a knot up front if you want to play with proportions. 

Neatly Nuanced

The new way to do neutrals is anything but dull. A tempting palette of spiked pastel hues replaces traditional grays and beiges on the Club C Legacy. These milder shades still deliver the feels in dreamy hues of cream and lime soda, cotton candy and berry blue. “Don’t let the soft palette fool you—it’s bursting with color. These shoes reflect a wearer who has good taste and is the unexpected life of the party,” Swaigen explains. 
Keep those cloud-busting hues going with softly printed leggings in frost berry paired with a matching high-impact bra. Add a same-toned retro oversize hoodie for a nod to this style’s vintage roots.
And remember: “The key to a great Jelly Belly jelly bean recipe is getting the flavor pairings right as well as the flavor ratio,” says Swaigen. Bring that mix-and-match mood to your everyday style with your own sartorial pairings to create a ratio that truly represents your unique point of view. 
Discover the full range of flavors in this special Reebok x Jelly Belly collection.

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Style / September 2021
Tara Gardner, Reebok Contributor