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Style / February 2022

Life Is Not A Spectator Sport: Get Inspired

Discover the talent behind Life Is Not A Spectator Sport, including Allen Iverson, Brent Faiyaz, TEMS, Ghetts, Arca and Lolo Zouai

“Life doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a collection of right nows, beginnings, afters, and beforehands. The invitation surrounds you, life is asking you to join in… Life is not a spectator sport.” —Brent Faiyaz
Feel that vibe? Life doesn’t happen from the sidelines. It’s about pursuing your passions, celebrating your individuality and becoming an active participant in the world around you. Whether you’re inspired by fashion, sport, music, art, activism or all of the above, channel whatever it is that moves you to be your guide and embrace your momentum.
To commit to a life where you don’t just sit by and watch, you need to embrace everything that approaches you and rise to the challenge. Let the unique perspectives of global citizens Allen Iverson, Brent Faiyaz, TEMS, Ghetts, Arca and Lolo Zouai fuel your inspiration and spark your imagination.

Allen Iverson, Basketball Icon/ Hall of Famer

Needing no introduction, 11-time all-star Allen Iverson is an NBA legend and inspiration who is changing the face of the game both on and off the court. “Life is not a spectator sport,” Iverson says. “You’re involved in it, you’re part of it. You’re not just watching it from afar. You’re right in it.” 
A true style icon and universal symbol for following your own path, Iverson believes in loyalty, respect and the conviction that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. “Much of the world sees me,” says Iverson, “but what they don’t know about me is the honesty, the truth. Not being afraid.” 

Arca, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Visual Artist

Arca, also known as Alejandra Ghersi Rodríguez, is a genre-defying singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist from Venezuela. A boundary-pusher and builder of worlds, for her, music is one vehicle for self-expression; her multi-dimensional creations and collaborations that showcase her unique point of view and innate artistry are another. “Living is forgetting time. A suspension of worry and of being in the moment,” says Arca, who is driven by a belief that to be accepted is to be misunderstood. 
Never asking anyone’s permission to create or to truly be herself, Arca’s work questions ideas about boundaries and time. “Classic for me means that something works in a timeless way,” she says. “Or at the very least, you can relate to the idea in a way that always feels contemporary.” 

Brent Faiyaz, Singer/Songwriter

Brent Faiyaz is a singer, songwriter and record producer originally from Columbia, Maryland. Distracted by music from an early age, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue it full-time. There, he honed his craft by staying true to his voice and unique perspective, refusing to be defined by genres or type. “When it all comes together, it looks like it’s supposed to look,” Faiyaz says. “You see a work of art, a painting, a song—when it all comes together, that’s what it looks like.” 
Inspired by truth and the pursuit to find it, Faiyaz doesn’t fit neatly into a box and doesn’t care if you want to put him in one. His life is made up of moments of inspiration and individuality that drive his authenticity. “Classic doesn’t go out of style,” he says. “Classic is forever.”

Ghetts, Rapper/Songwriter

An East London native with Caribbean roots, Ghetts is celebrated for his genius lyricism that makes him one of the top wordsmiths in music today. “The possibilities of what tomorrow could bring fuels me. Life fuels me, my kids fuel me,” he says. 
Living by the principle that music is connection and connection is life, he believes there’s no time to dwell on what others think of you when you’re building your own path. Creativity comes from his soul. “The only rules I set for myself are there are no rules,” says Ghetts. “You live in the confinement of rules, you can’t be who you can be. Classic.”

Lolo Zouai, Singer/Songwriter

There’s beauty and art to be found in the cracks and chaos of life for French-born, American R&B singer and pop musician Lolo Zouai. Transcending the noise and delivering a breakthrough debut album in 2019, Zouai’s inimitable mood-shifting sounds allude to her native France with a healthy splash of Bay Area rap thrown in the mix. 
“I’m still working on finding peace in chaos because I’m chaotic,” she says. “Peace is the hardest thing to achieve for everyone, for me. I like chaos.” After co-writing a track on H.E.R.’s self-titled, Grammy-award winning album, it’s clear that Zouai is only just getting started. 

TEMS, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Disrupting the music industry and counting Drake, Rihanna and Wizkid as fans and collaborators, Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer TEMS is a legend in the making. After her distinct vocals made ‘Essence’ the breakout hit from Wizkid’s 2020 LP, she further stormed the scene with her duet with Drake on ‘Fountains’ before launching her own EP, titled ‘If Orange Was a Place.’ 
Seeing her path as her purpose, TEMS’ success has come on her own terms. “Living is being free and existing without conditions or laws or rules,” she says. “Just living according to your own divine nature.” Believing in the rebellion of being yourself over everything else, TEMS is here to create, in whatever form that takes.
Inspired? Seize the day, live the life, play the game and follow your path with even more Life Is Not A Spectator Sport. [link back to campaign page]

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Style / February 2022