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Gifts For The Sneakerhead

$70 - $75


Check out these kicks to heat up the holidays.

The Best Gifts for Sneakerheads

For the sneakerheads who don’t want just any old kicks, Reebok has the best sneakerhead gifts. With a wide range of shoes that bring the attitude, streetwear style and retro vibes, Reebok’s gifts for sneakerheads are full of throwback shoes to show off. Retro shoes with white leather details, bright colors and 80s and 90s styles are just some of Reebok’s gifts for sneakerheads. Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, graduations, the holidays, or just for yourself, Reebok has you covered. Reebok’s retro shoes gift ideas score major style points, but they’re also comfortable for all-day wear, with cushioning and support to make every adventure painless.

Reebok’s retro shoes gift ideas are icons that have been turning heads and making history for decades. No matter how many years pass, retro shoes never go out of style. Full of personality, Reebok’s throwback shoes provide street cred in a variety of colors, materials and styles. Designs straight out of the 80s and 90s bring all the feels of throwback shoes and are the best gifts for sneakerheads. Classic and limited-edition throwback shoes are great gift ideas you can turn to season after season because they never go out of style and there are always new pairs to add to the collection.

Retro Shoes

When shopping for standout sneakers for the women you know, Reebok’s collection of women’s retro shoes brings the throwback vibes. Archival favorites like the Club C, Classic Leather, Workout Plus, Princess, and Freestyle Hi are great gifts for sneakerheads. Reebok’s sneakerhead gifts are no joke—sneakerheads love showing off their retro shoes.

Guys love their throwback shoes, which is why retro shoes from Reebok are the best gifts for sneakerheads. Some of Reebok’s retro shoes for men include the Club C, Classic Leather, Workout Plus and Ex-O-Fit Hi. These throwback shoes are fantastic sneakerhead gifts that will have your guy showing off his new retro shoes to the whole squad.

Throwback Shoes

To really bring the vibes of retro sneakers, high-tops are great gifts for sneakerheads. These retro shoes bring support to the wearer’s ankles, so these sneakerhead gifts are ideal for those who have hypermobility. Unapologetically 80s and 90s, high-tops are great gift ideas for sneakerheads who are all about the retro look.

So many of Reebok’s low-top throwback shoes best sneakerhead gifts started out as running shoes. These throwback shoes have lasted through the decades because they’re standout gift ideas that bring the comfort without being too over-the-top. Anyone can wear these gifts for sneakerheads from school hallways to a chill hangout sesh to a memorable night out—throwback shoes are timeless and effortlessly transitional.

Retro Shoes for Basketball

These sneakerhead gifts are inspired by the court life of the 80s and 90s. Now icons of streetwear style, basketball-inspired retro shoes make a statement because they bring the attitude and culture of old-school games from pickups to the pros. These throwback shoes are a closet staple for any sneakerhead who loves the style and look of retro basketball sneakers.