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White sneakers go with everything. And when it comes to styling them, the options are endless. If you’re looking for inspiration or want to completely change up your look, adding a pair of fresh white kicks to your wardrobe will definitely do the trick. This is your one-stop, indispensable guide on how to style white sneakers.



Use your white sneakers as your focal point. When your sneakers are crisp, clean and fresh out of the box, there’s no better time to show them off. Mix those kicks with a neutral outfit to make sure you don’t draw away from the main attraction. Think clean jeans, a simple neutral tee paired with a leather jacket or muted sweatshirt. If this feels too simple, add jewelry, a hat or another accessory to finish off the look with some personality.


Play with your look and use your white sneakers to give your outfit some contrast. Shake it up by putting a sporty twist on a more traditional outfit by pairing your white sneakers with a fitted suit or a knee length skirt for an athleisure-inspired look. Think even more outside the box by pairing them with biker shorts or wide length pants to really make a statement. The juxtaposition between dressier items and a seemingly casual white sneaker will let you stand out and create an unexpected look that you can own.



White sneakers are a blank canvas, don't overthink it. You can pick the silhouette that has always worked for you - or mix it up. Challenge yourself by grabbing a pair you've never tried before. From chunky dad shoes to high tops, there's a silhouette for everyone. White sneakers are versatile, easy to clean and come in all different shapes and sizes for you to choose from.


From 1982 to 1986 Reebok created white sneakers that would become timeless and iconic. Born from a style decades old, the white sneaker look is still going strong. Here are a few classics that are popular trends in the Reebok collection.

Shop Classic Leather

The Classic Leather sneaker was first released in 1983. Known as the "Classic," it was originally intended to be a running sneaker. The silhouette's popularity has kept it a style staple. In fact this shoe has sparked numerous variations of the original that continue to this day. In terms of materials, the soft garment leather and gum bottom sole continue to set this shoe apart from the competition. From celebrity sightings at festivals to models right off the runway, the Classic Leather is one of the most stylish go-to white sneakers in the world of whites.


Shop Freestyle

The Freestyle sneaker was created in 1982 as the first fitness shoe made exclusively for women. This white sneaker not only opened doors for ladies in the gym, but also in the sneaker world. From its origins in California fitness to gaining a reputation in New York City for sneaker fashion, the Freestyle is one of the many calling cards for Reebok. Originally call the 54'11 (for the original price), the Freestyle was a game changing sneaker in the industry and remains a timeless style icon to this day. Wear these high-top white sneakers with jeans or a skirt and get ready to make a statement.


Shop Club C

The Club C sneaker is anything but ordinary. This legacy shoe is as popular today as it was back in the '80s when court shoes first came on the scene. It was predicted very early on that this white sneaker was going to be something special. According to the Reebok Archive, back in 1985 the Revised Revenge (a white sneaker that would later become the Club C) had over 10,000 preorders banked. That's some serious love for an 80s tennis shoe that hadn't even been released yet. And it features an EVA for supreme cushioning and a durable outsole for long lasting toughness. The Club C is low maintenance and easy to wear - perfect for whatever style you're going for.


Shop Workout

The Workout sneaker was introduced in 1984 and quickly became known for its iconic "H-strap," making it a street style white sneaker must-have. In 1986, the Workout Plus came on to the scene, with added overlays on the upper for a fresh evolution of the OG. The Workout's clean, fresh silhouette gives everyone the freedom to style it any way they want. This classic white sneaker has experienced a steady rise to success, imprinting a lasting legacy on the sneaker community. The Workout has soft full grain leather upper for comfort and support and low-cut design for mobility. Particularly popular when it launched in New Orleans, it was nicknamed "the soldier" as it became part of the trendsetting uniform.