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Lifestyle Shoes

Shoe game feel neglected? Reebok lifestyle shoes provide an iconic look that takes the streets by storm.

Lifestyle shoes complete the wardrobe and make it pop. In other words, you won’t just turn heads; you’ll get double takes and second glances. And if all eyes are on you, you might as well make a statement – with lifestyle shoes that speak your language; everyday shoes that are uniquely you.

Lifestyle Shoes And Casual Shoes: What’s The Difference?
To put it simply: all lifestyle shoes are casual shoes, but not all casual shoes are lifestyle shoes. Lifestyle shoes are their own niche. While both are designed for casual wear, it’s the construction of the shoe and its aesthetic appeal that makes it lifestyle. Lifestyle shoes offer a bold, streetwear-inspired look. From Sole Fury to Classics, Reebok lifestyle shoes offer an EVA midsole for comfort and a unique upper that can be a mix of leather, suede or mesh and colors. This is what makes lifestyle shoes perfect for stepping out with a bit of swagger. Casual Shoes are more suited for a backyard barbecue or a casual Friday at the office.
What To Look For In Lifestyle Shoes
The best lifestyle shoes are the ones that give you the proper combination of support and flexibility. But you also want your comfortable shoes to express your personal style. From athletic shoes – designed to give your feet a bit of extra cushioning during a weekend outing – to slip-on sandals – an effortless way to relish those days at the beach – lifestyle shoes are the proper finishing touch to any ensemble.

And if the casual day you have planned involves transitions, like walking from place to place, lifestyle shoes happen to be perfectly suitable for a leisurely stroll or commute. Looking to walk long distances or venture off the beaten path? Walking Shoes are the way to go. Unlike lifestyle shoes, walking shoes have a better grip on the sole to safely tackle those arduous adventures, leaving lifestyle shoes for more everyday casual wear.