[REE]CYCLED hits the gym. Sweat sustainably with the versatile Nano X.




We're constructing a brand new reality. One where plastic gets a second life and shoes are made with things that grow.
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[Ree]cycled Gear

All clothes are not made equal. Our new [REE]CYCLED collection is stacked with sustainable apparel that’s made with more care and attention when it comes to the earth. We’re ready to shake things up by making footwear and apparel with recycled materials. Because if there’s one thing we love, it’s a challenge. In this collection, you’ll find the perfect mix of sustainable clothing with sleek silhouettes and fresh colors.

Style is always evolving, so it is important that the style of sustainable apparel does, too. With the [REE]CYCLED collection, you’ll always find that signature Reebok edge, helping you stand out with fresh, conscious gear. This collection features classic styles and bold, eye-popping colors that stand out anywhere. And that’s part of the magic when it comes to sustainable clothing—you don’t have to sacrifice style to rock gear that keeps the planet in mind. This collection is a masterclass in sustainable apparel.

But our quest for crafting recycled clothing didn’t stop with stylish everyday looks. We also worked hard to make sustainable workout clothes that work for you. The goal? To make sure it could stand up to your sweat, no matter your workout. Made with recycled polyester, our sustainable workout clothes are durable and super comfortable. It’s gear you can feel good about while you’re bossing up at the gym.