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Gifts made from plant-based or recycled materials for a merrier planet.

Sustainable Gifts

Nano X1 Vegan Men's Training Shoes
Floatride Energy Daily Women's Running Shoes
Floatride Energy Grow Men's Running Shoes
Club C 85 Vegan Men's Shoes
Floatride Energy Grow Women's Running Shoes
Floatride Energy Grow Women's Running Shoes
Floatride Energy Daily Women's Running Shoes
Club C 85 Vegan Women's Shoes
Workout Ready Track Pant
Reebok Classics Natural Dye Leggings
Floatride Energy Daily Men's Running Shoes
Graphic Vector T-Shirt (Plus Size)
Lux Bold High-Rise Leggings
Lux Bold Legging Shorts
Floatride Energy 3 Adventure Men's Shoes
Floatride Energy 3 Adventure Women's Shoes
Floatride Energy 3 Adventure Men's Running Shoes
Floatride Energy Grow Men's Running Shoes
Classic Leather Legacy Grow Shoes
Active Foundation Badge Hat

Sustainable Gifts

This year, send eco-friendly gifts that are good for all of us. Something with sustainability in mind. Because what we’re made of matters.

Sustainable Gift Ideas: Shoes

For the fitness fanatics who love sustainability, the [REE]CYCLED Nano X should be the at the top of your sustainable gift ideas list. It’s our most versatile training shoe fully re-imagined with recycled materials. Made for everything from running to jumping and lifting to high intensity training, [REE]CYCLED Nano X is one of our favorite sustainable gifts for any kind of athlete. For those doing at-home workouts, Nano X is Reebok’s top training shoe for all the at-home circuits and virtual fitness classes.

When it comes to gifts for runners, the [REE]GROW Forever Floatride Grow is the best of our eco-friendly gifts. Why? It’s our first high-performance running shoe made with plant-based materials like a breathable eucalyptus bark upper, a responsive midsole made from castor beans, a BLOOM algae sockliner and a durable natural rubber outsole sourced from rubber trees. Reebok’s sustainable gifts are all performance, no compromise.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for those who love sustainable fashion, Club C Wool & Corn, [REE]CYCLED Classic Leather, Club C C&C and [REE]CYCLED Classic Leather are other top sustainable gift ideas. All of these sustainable gifts come in men’s and women’s sizes and are made with either recycled/repurposed or bio-based materials like cotton, corn and wool.

Sustainable Gift Ideas: Apparel

Apparel in our sustainable gifts collection is made with at least 30% recycled materials and is made with zero virgin polyester. Work up your best sweat in sustainable gifts that are better for the planet. Find sustainably designed shorts, tank tops, pants, tees, jackets that are sure to please everyone who wants eco-friendly gifts this year. For the athletes that care about sustainability, our sustainable clothes for at-home workouts are tested for quality, which means there’s no compromise on durability and performance.

Thinking about giving the gift of health and safety with face covers? Reebok face covers are made of 93% recycled polyester which make them another favorite from our sustainable gifts collection.