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Style / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

Ariana Grande’s Stylist Settles Fashion’s Biggest Debates

Are Canadian tuxedos chic or shocking? What about mom jeans? Ask 10 people and you’re sure to be met with 10 very different answers.

To put the hottest topics to rest, Reebok consulted Ariana Grande’s stylist and image architect Law Roach

In the above video, Roach is presented with the hottest and  longest standing fashion debates and asked to take a stance on each, deeming them either ‘laws’ or a ‘faux pas.’

So, how does Roach feel about those denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedos?

“Law,” he answers without hesitation. “I’ve done it on my clients a few times, and we always got rave reviews.”

Roach is just as quick to chime in in favor of mom jeans.

“Cool girls in mom jeans is law,” says Roach, noting that dad jeans, however, do not sound as sexy.

Other trends Roach tosses in the ‘faux pas’ pile include man buns and man jewelry.  

Watch the video to see him disclose why, or take a look below to read his opinions on other fashion disputes.

But even with his wisdom in the back of your mind, there is one thing Roach wants all men and women to remember.

“Never ever, ever abide by a dress code,” says Roach. 

“If you like it, you love it, and it makes you feel good and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Then do it, wear it, and say ‘F you’ to everybody’s laws.” 

Sunglasses indoors: “That’s a tricky one. But the trick is if you wear them indoors, you have to commit. You can’t take them off. If you can do it, that’s a law.” 

Sneakers with formal wear: “That’s a law as well. It’s really cool to take chances and do things that are unexpected. I love when men, in general, wear sneakers with tuxedos on the red carpet.”

Oversized sweatshirt as a dress: “Law. With heels, with sneakers. Ariana Grande does that the best, so definitely law.”

Pajamas during the day: “It’s easy, it’s sexy, it’s sophisticated. Definitely law.”

We know Roach’s rule, now we want to hear yours! Tweet @ReebokClassics to let us know which of these fashion trends you plan to rock.

Style / November 2017
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom