What will be your first order of business as Reebok’s President of Basketball?
Bringing in one of my fellow founding fathers of Reebok basketball, Allen Iverson as my VP.  Shaq + AI – we’re back!

What makes you the best candidate for this job?
My history with Reebok and passion for the brand - plus my knowledge of basketball and basketball culture - make me the most qualified person for the role. Plain and simple.

You have a prolific history with the brand, what is one of your favorite memories of working with Reebok?
What always stood out to me about Reebok is their belief in me since day one.  They signed me as a rookie – gave me the biggest endorsement deal they had ever given to anyone at the time; gave me the first signature shoe they’d ever given to an athlete before.  I can’t tell you what that feeling was like to just have this brand be all in on me before I had even stepped on the pro court.  I’ll never forget it.

What makes you most excited about this new role and Reebok’s quest to get back into sports?
Reebok belongs in sport. Reebok belongs in basketball. I can’t wait to bring it back and see a new generation of athletes, especially youth, wanting to rep Reebok again.

What advice would you give to the next generation of hoopers?
If you want something, go get it. There’s no shot if you never try. Believe in yourself and have the confidence to do things your own way.