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Running / April 2018
Brittany Burke

5 Stylist-Approved Ways To Incorporate Sneakers Into Your Wardrobe

If you ask celebrity stylist Fatima, who works with the likes of Rae Sremmurd, there’s never been a better time to look amazing while staying comfortable. Think about it: You can wear joggers to work, wear a chic hoodie on a date, and wear sneakers, well, just about anywhere.

Especially the Fusion Flexweave, the newest launch in Reebok’s Flexweave collection “I feel like the shoe is easy to dress up or down,” says Fatima, exclusively to Reebok. “You can do anything with it.”

And when you can do anything, it helps to have a little bit of guidance. Check out some of Fatima’s best tips for styling your sneakers anywhere and with anything.

1. Find a key piece. Think of your outfit like the cast of a TV show—it all works together, but usually there’s a star. In your outfit, the star is what Fatima calls a key piece—and it’s non-negotiable.

 “Always find a key piece,” she says. “Sometimes it’s your sneaker, you really want to let it shine, and work the rest of your outfit around it.

 2. Honor your personal style. When you have a shoe that can work with a lot of things in your closet, it’s up to you to let it work within yours. Fatima’s golden rule? “Just freak it,” she says. “It works with a leather jacket, jeans, and a classic white tee.”

 Or you could make like Fatima and be a little bit extra. “You can always go over the top,” she says. “I like a crazy sweatshirt, and Reebok joggers. It’s all about how you freak it and bring out your personal style.”

3. Opt for versatility. In Fatima’s fast-paced life flying from a music video shoot to a launch party, she gravitates toward wardrobe items she can wear just about anywhere. “I’m working and traveling all the time,” she says. “So a sneaker like this is dope for that.” In shades of black, white, and cranberry, she finds them as easy to wear.

“I can wear them from TSA to the club, TSA to the photo shoot, then from the photo shoot to the after party, and to the photo shoot the next day. All you’ve got to do is switch up your top and your jeans and you’re good.”

4. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. The secret to elevating any look is mixing in the right accessories. “We have more options than ever right now,” says Fatima. “Freak it with accessories. Where fashion is going is giving everyone such a cool individuality, and being allowed to express yourself.” You can do that with watches, belts, hats, or anything.

5. Get inspired. Whether Fatima is dressing herself or a client, she’s all about a very specific creative vision. “For Rae Sreummurd, they have such different senses of style, and it changes every day,” she says, adding that it lets her be really creative. For herself, it’s all about the music of the day.

 “I’m always playing music when I get dressed,” she says. “That always gives me my mood of the day, and affects my vibe and how I play with different pieces.”

How do you style your Fusions? Show us by Tweeting @reebok and #flexweave!

Running / April 2018
Brittany Burke