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Studio / July 2018
Brittany Burke

Danai Gurira’s 5 Tips For Staying Fit And Happy Anywhere

Fitting workouts and self-care into your busy schedule can be hard. It typically comes after completing dozens of things on your to-do list, taking care of everyone else in your life, and you know, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and doing your best to get through the day.

Danai Gurira gets it—as the star of an incredibly popular cable TV show and some of the biggest movies of the year, she’s no stranger to full, demanding days. Gurira is also the newest addition to the Reebok family, empowering women to fight to be their best physically, mentally, and socially, every day. 

Her jam-packed schedule makes it so that Gurira always relies on a few basic tips to stay healthy and on her game. From making sure she has her workout gear, to knowing her limits, she’s sharing them with you. 

Get go-anywhere gear. Fancy bells and whistles are nice, but in order to get a great sweat in, you really need high-quality basics. And according to Gurira, all she needs is a great pair of leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top. Keeping things low maintenance means that you are always able to drop everything and squeeze a workout in—and after all, that’s the goal.

Have a fail-safe go-to. Some days, your schedule allows you to take a high-intensity workout class with your favorite instructor. But for every other day, when the goal is really just to get a good sweat in, it’s nice to have a plan to do something you love that’s straightforward. For Gurira, that’s some solid time at the gym. 

“An elliptical trainer, some resistance bands, and light weights,” is one workout she says she’ll never get tired of. Whatever that workout is for you, make sure you give yourself the space to do it when you’re uninspired, even if that means running a few miles around your neighborhood.

I listen to my body.

Be resilient in the face of any challenge. You know all of those times when you felt too tired to workout? Or those moments at the end of a tough session when you swear you couldn’t possibly go even one more rep? Yeah, Gurira has been there. And she has a suggestion for that difficult time can inspire you to push harder: Make it your motivation. Instead of feeling defeated by that feeling, strive to hit that moment where you’ve pushed past what you thought was possible. “Exceeding my perceived limits,” is what she says makes her feel confident when she’s working out. She goes on to say that she’s even more inspired by, “Hitting a goal despite discomfort, fatigue, or excuses.” 

Stay powered up. One of Gurira’s secrets to success has nothing to do with what she’s doing to workout—it’s all about how she’s fueling. “I could never workout without electrolyte-enhanced water,” she says. “Electrolytes are the difference between a great workout and one that you cut short because you feel sore and depleted.” 

Know how to take care of yourself. Even the most badass women have to know their limits, and how to stay within them. For Gurira, that’s being deliberate about the little bits of self-care she fits into every single day. How does she do it? “I drink lots of water, take my supplements, and eat food that nourishes my body,” she says. But the most important trick might just be the hardest: “I listen to my body.”

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Studio / July 2018
Brittany Burke