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Running / June 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok

The Best Running Shoes for Women: Which Pair Is Right For You?

Whether you’re trying to get into running or training for a PR, find a pair of running shoes to support your needs.

We all know that woman who wakes up before the sun comes out to get her daily run in. Ask that friend for a running sneaker recommendation and she’ll likely start explaining the differences between neutral shoes and stability shoes, and telling you about how she once had her stride analyzed in order to figure out which type of running shoe was best for her. 

That friend’s answer is completely correct. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to running sneakers. The best running shoe differs person to person based on your gait, your arch type, your intended mileage and the terrain you plan to run on, among other factors. 

That said, we don’t all know our arch type off the top of our head. But, we do have an idea of whether our run will consist of sprints or long, slower miles. We know if we’ll be running on the track or the pavement. And that’s a great starting place for newer runners or casual runners to find a pair of running sneakers to suit their needs.

We are breaking down best running shoes for women based on each of these factors.

If you're looking to buy one shoe for your everyday runs: Forever Floatride Energy

Say you’re looking to run more often or train for your first 10K but you’re not yet sure where those training runs will take you. You think that some days you’ll end up running the streets in your city, the next day you may take it to the track, and on cold days, you’ll probably find yourself on the treadmill. If you are the woman who wants to only buy one pair of running shoes and have those shoes support these runs of all varieties, Forever Floatride Energy is the shoe for you. Forever Floatride Energy is designed for everyday running, and face it, most of us get bored of clocking the same loop day after day so we crave this variety. Reebok’s Floatride foam technology (which you’ll find in several different Reebok running shoes) cushions feet while staying incredibly lightweight. This running shoe, which is the newest offering of those containing the Floatride technology, also has a mesh upper which provides ventilation. Translation: your sweaty feet will be able to breathe.


Reebok Forever Floatride Energy, $100; Reebok.com

If you prefer a knit look for your everyday running shoe: Floatride Run Ultraknit

When it comes to Reebok’s Floatride foam, this shoe – the Floatride Run Ultraknit – was the first model to sport the technology. Like the Forever Floatride Energy, it has this lightweight cushioning, is breathable and suitable for runs of varied lengths and terrains. One of the biggest differences is that this model has a knit upper, rather than a mesh upper. 


Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit, $150; Reebok.com

If you're doing speed work: Sweet Road 2

Looking to PR your 5K in 2019? If so, chances are you’re incorporating more speed work into your runs. The Sweet Road 2 is a great running shoe for this uptempo mileage. Don’t be confused; these are not race day shoes that will only last a handful of wears, nor are they meant to only be worn by those who consider themselves to have speed. Speed work encompasses any intervals or track work you’re doing in an effort to increase your personal speed. Think: 400 meter repeats on the track or upping your pace to a sprint at every third telephone pole when running in the city. The Sweet Road 2 contains a KooshRide Core which is engineered to be long-lasting so your shoes still feel responsive and cushioned at mile 200 and 300.  You’ll be able to run at this increased pace without having to worry about your running shoes wearing out as a result.


Reebok Sweet Road 2, $100; Reebok.com

If it's race day: Floatride Run Fast

When most people run their first 10k or half marathon, they wear the same shoes they’ve been training in on race day. This makes sense as you’ve become accustomed to running long miles in them from your training runs so you know your feet will still feel comfortable in them during those later miles. But, once you’ve run a few races of the same length, if you’re looking to improve your time, investing in a pair of race day running shoes could be a smart option to help you hit that next PR. Enter: the Floatride Run Fast. This running shoe contains the same award-winning Floatride technology found in the Forever Floatride Energy shoe (mentioned two sections above if you need a refresher), but that foam technology is now found in a running shoe that is built specifically for speed. At 5.4 ounces, the Floatride Run Fast is incredibly lightweight which will allow you to feel lighter on your feet during the race and provide a more responsive feel against the ground. Note: the Floatride Run Fast will certainly last you more than one race. While this running sneaker is not intended to be worn every single day, you can definitely get multiple races out of the shoe. 


Reebok Floatride Run Fast, $140; Reebok.com

If you overpronate: Grasse Road

Have you ever had a coach or friend who’s a serious runner tell you that you overpronate? Even if you're a woman who is newer to running and you don't yet know the nitty gritty of how runners speak, this is a term that comes up frequently. If someone overpronates, it means their foot caves slightly in when running or walking. Many people overpronate when they walk but do not fully notice how it impacts them until they go for a run. If you think you fall into this camp, it’s important that you find a running shoe that will keep your foot stable and in its proper place, rather than allowing it to further cave in. The Grasse Road is a great option. It is designed to support and center the midfoot to allow for a balanced run. Fear not! This does not make the shoe any less cushioned. The Grasse Road contains the same KooshRide foam found in the Sweet Road 2.  


Reebok Grasse Road, $120; Reebok.com

If that race is a marathon: Harmony Road 2

While the Floatride Run Fast, mentioned above, is an ideal running shoe for race day, if the race you're scheduled to run is a marathon, you may prefer a sneaker with more cushioning. The Harmony Road 2 will provide you with that desired cushioning for the entire 26.2 mile distance. Engineered to provide a smooth, consistent feeling over the course of a long run, the Harmony Road 2 is also a great choice for your longer training runs in lead up to the marathon. 


Reebok Harmony Road 2, $120; Reebok.com

If You’re Looking to Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Sole Fury Adapt Running Shoe

The Sole Fury Adapt shoes are the iconic running sneakers for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe. These sneakers double as both running shoes and a street style essential. When the InstaPump Fury launched in 1994, it became a legend with sneakerheads. The Sole Fury Adapt is an upgraded, modern take on a classic design. A throwback meets the future in these newly engineered women’s running sneakers. When sporting these running shoes, you’ll stay comfortable since the upper is made of stretchy mesh material and soft textile overlays. The split midsole is another notable feature that enhances the off-duty vibes of these running shoes. This unique sole provides flexibility and doubles as a nod to Reebok’s past. These on-trend running sneakers come in black and white or a combination of the two. Both colorways feature added pops of bright oranges, blues, or purples. These hues further enhance the retro-vibes of these chic women's running sneakers. When looking for style when selecting your running shoes, go for the icon:The Sole Fury Adapt.


Sole Fury Adapt, $80; Reebok.com

If You’re Looking for Function: Print Her Lace Running Shoe

Are you having trouble squeezing in your run with a busy schedule, or just looking to go on a quick jog? The Reebok Print Her 3.0 Lace are the ideal women’s running sneakers for anyone in a rush. The stretchy upper lace doesn’t just look cool-it also happens to be functional. These running shoes actually slip right on and off, so there’s no need to waste time tying them. Best for your when you’re squeezing in a short run or doing a versatile gym workout, these shoes are just so easy to throw in your gym bag. If you’re doing a 5K or any lower-mileage training, these are the right kicks for the job. Their snug fit makes them supportive enough to handle the impact of your run without weighing you down. These running sneakers have been designed specifically for women, and no detail has been left out. With the help of foot-mapping technology, these running shoes have a central zone of adaptive lugs that helps with versatile movements and underfoot comfort. This way, you can be ready for whatever comes your way during your next session. These running shoes come in monochromatic shades that will keep you looking sleek and sophisticated. Lace up for a great performance in the Reebok Print Her 3.0 Lace.


Reebok Print Her 3.0 Lace, $80; Reebok.com

If You’re Headed Outdoors: All Terrain Super Running Shoe

Do you love the outdoors? The All Terrain Super 3.0 was created to take on any type of terrain. These are the quintessential running shoes for the ever-changing conditions in nature. These running sneakers can handle obstacle courses, outdoor activities, and even race days. These running sneakers are truly ready for anything. The H20 Drain technology pushes water from sidewalls quickly, so you can focus on the course. You’ll have superior grip thanks to the 5.10 rubber outsole, which gives you traction in all conditions. This traction offers 360-degree support and cushioning, so you can keep pushing forward as you make your way to the finish line. Don’t be afraid to dig into the terrain with the durable rubber lugs on these running sneakers. The underfoot rock guard will protect your step when anything unexpected happens, so you can focus on the challenges of the obstacle course. These running sneakers also feature bright details in green and blue shades that not only look cool, but also help you stay visible on  the trail. For anyone who takes their workouts out of the gym, The All Terrain Super 3.0 is the women’s running shoe for you.


All Terrain Super 3.0, $130; Reebok.com

If You’re Going the Distance: Floatride Run Flexweave Running Shoe

The Reebok Floatride Run Flexweave was designed for women who are looking to turn things up with their running routines. This running shoe is optimal for longer-distance runners. So, if you’re training for a Marathon or a 10K, this pair’s got you covered. You can run strong in these running sneakers thanks to Flexweave. This technology is an innovative material that has been woven into a figure-8. It has been engineered to blend breathability and durability. So, not only will you feel snug and secure, but you’ll also stay comfortable. When you combine this with Floatride Foam Technology, you officially have the ultimate women’s running sneakers. This foam offers the lightest and most responsive cushioning to date. You’ll be all set for takeoffs and landings because the foam rim works to stabilize your gait. This feature also keeps your foot centered and balanced throughout your run, which is essential during longer training sessions. The Reebok Floatride Run Flexweave is the ideal combination of strength and softness  to push you on your long distance runs. 


Reebok Floatride Run Flexweave, $144.97; Reebok.com

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Running / June 2019
Maureen Quirk, Reebok
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