Women's Gym & Training Shoes



Feeling the burn has never been more comfortable. Our women’s gym shoes will infuse the confidence you need to knock your gym sessions out of the park.


Support on the Court

Pickleball and tennis shoes are here.

Women’s Training Shoes

From studio classes to weight training, your body moves differently with every activity. Optimal performance requires shoes that support quick transitions, side-to-side strides and sudden push-offs. Reebok offers a range of women's training shoes so that you can find the right shoe for you, no matter your fitness routine.

Reebok's training shoes for women were designed to give you freedom of motion, stability and versatility, along with plenty of comfort. Whether you're hitting the weight rack, doing plyo jumps or going for high-intensity intervals, your gym shoes are an ideal training partner.

Designed for training, not running.

Training demands shoes that enable a wider range of motion than running shoes provide. Lateral movements and powerful jumps call for women's training shoes like the Nano, designed for maximum durability, lightness and secure fit.

If weightlifting is part of your gym routine, you need women's training shoes with an optimal heel-to-toe ratio and a locked-down feel that support your technique. weightlifting shoes like the Legacy Lifter are geared toward keeping you grounded, so you can press, pull and lift with greater ease.

Advanced Technology

Bring innovation into every workout. Reebok Flexweave is a fully engineered woven technology that provides enhanced breathability, flexibility and durability. With Flexweave technology in your women's training shoes, you'll get precision cushioning for comfort and support, along with a groundbreaking figure-8 open weave that feels built for speed.

Looking for more than just training shoes? Shop our full selection of women’s shoes.